Monday, September 30, 2013

The Charts Day #16 (part 2)


He is one of the biggest rising stars in Finland. Robin is becoming one of the most beloved names among the Finnish youth. And his new single, "Boom kah", is going very well in the national charts: #5 last week, #6 in the current one.

The Charts Day #16 (part 1)


Some weeks ago, the world was asked a very mysterious question: what does the fox say? Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis found the key to success with "The fox", a song with a great beat and a very interesting chorus that is being a hit around the world. This week, they are the new #1 in Norway.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sweden | Miss Li - "Plastic faces"


Miss Li is a 31-year-old singer born in Borlänge, Sweden. Many of her songs have been featured in TV series and commercials. Her latest single, "Plastic faces", is a very cool uptempo pop, in which her unique and amazing voice is well highlighted.

Belgium | Hooverphonic - "Amalfi"


One of the most popular Belgian acts is Hooverphonic. Together since 1995, their albums have achieved success across their home country and even spread through Europe. Their latest single, "Amalfi", is a deep and hypnotic track.

Slovenia | Tabu - "Thanks for the fish"


Tabu is one of the most traditional Slovenian bands ever. They were formed in 1998 and are on the road since then, with several huge hits in their country. They had a small stop when their first lead singer, Nina, faced problems with her voice, but then returned with a new singer, Tina. Their new single "Thanks for the fish", which also has a version in Slovene, is a very strong pop-rock song. Extremely enjoyable!

Italy | Timothy Cavicchini - "Altrove"


We have already featured "A fuoco", Timothy Cavicchini's first single. But that wasn't it for the former The Voice of Italy contestant: he recently recorded his second single, the equally powerful and catchy "Altrove". Get caught by his amazing rock sounds!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Finland | Satin Circus - "If you love me"


Satin Circus is a peculiar boyband: they write their own songs and play their own instruments. As they describe themselves, they perform happy, super energetic pop songs mingled with a touch of rock. That mix is quite amazing, as it's shown in "If you love me", their second single.

Czech Republic | Patricie - "Iris"


Patricie is a quite new voice coming from the Czech Republic. Born in Prague, she is only preparing her second album. From it, we can already listen to a single: "Iris" is a classy and full-of-personality groovy pop, while Patricie's voice helps making it even better in quality.

United Kingdom | James Arthur - "You're nobody 'til somebody loves you"


James Arthur is a British singer who was born in Middlesbrough in 1988. After winning the ninth season of The X Factor in 2012, and after the huge success achieved by "Impossible", James has released his second single. "You're nobody 'til somebody loves you" is quite different from his previous song: this one is a more movemented pop, totally catchy and very empowering!

Italy | Max Pezzali - "Ragazzo inadeguato"


Max Pezzali's career in Italy is very long and successful. He first appeared in 1991, with the group 883, during the Castrocaro Music Festival. 883 lasted for more than a decenium, until Max started his solo career, in 2004. He is one of the nominees for Best Italian act on this year's MTV Europe Music Awards – first time he is competing for it. "Ragazzo inadeguato" is the second single of his latest album, "Max 20".

Updated on November 10th, 2013, with the official video.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Romania | Elena feat. JJ - "Pana dimineata"


Elena Gheorghe was born in Bucharest in 1985. She started her music career in a duo with Adela Popescu, but got more famous as the lead singer in the latino-pop group Mandinga. She left the group to start her solo career in 2006, and took part in Eurovision in 2009, with the song "The Balkan girls". Elena's new single, together with JJ, is a sweet pop which is very well taken by her nice voice.

Italy | Ligabue - "Il sale della terra"


Ligabue is one of the strongest names in the Italian music scene. He will be releasing his tenth studio album by the end of this year, but he already showed us the first single to come out from it: "Il sale della terra" is a powerful rock song which has already become a huge hit in Ligabue's homeland.

Spain | La Oreja de Van Gogh - "El primer día del resto de mi vida"


La Oreja de Van Gogh are, without a doubt, the biggest band in Spanish music scene. Their fresh combination of pop and rock with realistic and cute lyrics have shot them to stardom since the beggining of their career, first in their home country and then in the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries. Their last single, "El primer día del resto de mi vida", is the first single of a yet unnamed seventh studio album.

Germany | Bosse - "So oder so"


Last night, the 2013 Bundesvision Song Contest (a German version of Eurovision, where the country's states compete) took place. 16 songs were running for the title, but, after a while in the voting procedure, it was clear the victory would be either Bosse's or Johannes Oerding's (whose participating song was shown here yesterday). In the end, Bosse grabbed the title, with his amazing "So oder so", which really captivated the SE! team.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Turkey | Gülşen - "Kardan adam"


Turkish superstar Gülşen (who was featured in Sounds European! some weeks ago) has released another amazing single. "Kardan adam" is an involving single that starts as a ballad and develops into a movemented pop song, featuring lots of Turkish sounds that add a special flavour to a great track!

Denmark | Carpark North feat. Stine Bramsen - "32"


Two of the biggest names of the current Danish music scene are together for a very special new single. Carpark North (band formed in Aarhus in 1999) received Stine Bramsen (Ry, 1986), the voice of Alphabeat, for "32". It's a strong rock song which has all the elements to make you lose your breath!

United Kingdom | Laura Marling - "Devil's resting place"


English folk singer Laura Marling has recently released a new single last week. The song is the haunting "Devil's resting place", a shadowy and involving single that presents an equally dark video. Get caught by Laura's stunning performance!

Germany | Johannes Oerding - "Nichts geht mehr"


Born in Münster in 1981, Johannes Oerding showed up to the audience for the first time in 2009, when he opened shows for Simply Red and Ich + Ich. His most recent single, "Nichts geht meh", is going to be the representant of Hamburg on this year's Bundesvision Song Contest (a Eurovision-based contest created by the entertainer Stefan Raab in which the 16 states of Germany compete for the best song), which will happen tonight.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

United Kingdom | Mel B - "For once in my life"


Introducing Mel B sounds a bit unneeded, but anyway: Melanie Brown is a 38-year-old singer who got famous by being part of the most successful girlband ever, the Spice Girls. The Scary Spice, as she was known then, was also a judge in the Australian The X Factor, co-host of the Australian Dancing With The Stars, guest-judge on the British The X Factor and judge on America's Got Talent. She has just released a new single. "For once in my life" is an enthusiastic dance pop with a very cool chorus.

Ukraine | Elka - "Leti, Liza"


It was not long ago when Elka released the groovy "Telo ofigelo", but she is already back with a more deep and relaxing tune. The song is called "Leti, Liza", and shows a jazzy side of Ukrainian music that's not so common to hear.

Sweden | Måns Zelmerlöw - "Beautiful life"


Måns Zelmerlöw is a very well established name in the Swedish music market. The 27-year-old singer first appeared to the public in a season of the Swedish version of the reality show Idols, in 2005. He didn't win, but his career started growing a lot. His song "Cara mia", which took part in Melodifestivalen 2007, is still remembered up to date as one which deserved to be on Eurovision that year. He is now with a new single, "Beautiful life", which is a very touching and intense song.

Germany | Killerpilze - "Die stadt klingt immer noch nach uns"


German rock band Killerpilze have been around since 2002. Through their many albums and singles, they consolidated a solid fanbase in Germany and Austria. They are now releasing their latest single, "Die stadt klingt immer noch nach uns", a soft pop-rock with a really captivating melody!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

You've Seen Here: 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards (part 3)


This Tuesday was destined to remember all the nominees for the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards which had already appeared on Sounds European! before. Closing the recap, it's time for the second half of the European regional nominations.

Let's remind some more names which have passed here before being named to compete for the awards?

Best Italian act: Emma and Marco Mengoni (Sanremo winner, with the song below).
Best Norwegian act: Nico & Vinz (second post) and Maria Mena.
Best Portuguese act: Filipe Pinto.
Best Russian act: Elka.
Best Spanish act: Auryn.
Best Swedish act: Avicii, Icona Pop (second post and third post) and Medina.
Best United Kingdom and Ireland act: Ellie Goulding (second post and third post), Calvin Harris, Olly Murs (second post) and One Direction (second post).

You've Seen Here: 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards (part 2)


As promised earlier, it's time to continue remembering all the artists and songs competing for the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards which you have seen here on Sounds European! before the nomination. It's a great opportunity to relive great tracks!

Now, we'll start checking the regional nominations. The first half of the regions will be seen now, and the second one will come still today, a bit later. There are awards for every place around the globe, but our focus here will be, obviously, the European part.

You've seen here:

Best Belgian act: Stromae (second post).
Best Czech and Slovak act: Charlie Straight and Peter Bič Project.
Best Dutch act: Armin van Buuren, Kensington and Nielson.
Best Finnish act: Haloo Helsinki!.
Best French act: Daft Punk (also in 2013 charts with "Lose yourself to dance", shown below).
Best Hungarian act: Karanyi és Én.

You've Seen Here: 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards (part 1)


Last week, the nominees for the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards were announced. And, for those of you who have been visiting us regularly, many names in this list are known. Among the more than 350 songs Sounds European! has presented, several are now competing for these awards.

So, we decided to take this Tuesday to meet them all again, remembering the times they were presented here. For that, there will be three posts. This first one will be reserved for the main categories, and the two following ones (which will come later today) will be about the European regional nominations.

Let's start?

Avicii: best electronic.
Bruno Mars: best song (with "Locked out of heaven", shown below) and best male.
Calvin Harris: best electronic.
Daft Punk: nominated for best song and best electronic.
Icona Pop (second post and third post): best new act and best push artist.
Katy Perry: best female and best pop.
Lady Gaga: best video, best female, biggest fans and best look.
Miley Cyrus: best video, best female and best pop.
One Direction (second post): best pop and biggest fans.
Robin Thicke: best song, best video and best World Stage Performance.

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Charts Day #15 (part 2)


It didn't take long for Laura Pausini's new single, performed with the Australian Kylie Minogue, to reach success in Italy. Less than one week after its release – and their appearance on SE! –, "Limpido" is already in the top of Italian charts. No surprise, since it's a great song.

The Charts Day #15 (part 1)


His ethnic "Papaoutai" had already reached the French #1 some weeks ago. This week, Stromae's latest single, the deep "Formidable", is on top position in France. Don't miss watching the video clip, which features a drunk Stromae wandering through Brussels.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Denmark | Emmelie de Forest - "Hunter & prey"


Emmelie de Forest is a Danish singer and songwriter who was born in Randers in 1993. She took the trophy of the Eurovision Song Contest to Denmark last May, with the sweet and contagious "Only teardrops". Emmelie has just released her second single. The easy-going "Hunter & prey" follows the mixture of pop and folk we've seen conquer Europe earlier this year.

Netherlands | Anouk - "The good life"


Anouk Teeuwe (The Hague, 1975) is one of the most important singers and songwriters of the current Dutch music scene. After taking her home country to the final of Eurovision for the first time in nine years, she is enjoying renewed success. And if depends on her new single "The good life", it is surely going to continue this way: it's a wonderful song!

United Kingdom | Deaf Havana - "Mildred (Lost a friend)"


English alternative rock band Deaf Havana was formed in 2005. Their last album, "Old souls", was officially released last week, but they already gave us two singles coming from it. "Mildred (Lost a friend" is a contagious and empowering rock song.

Malta | Red Electrick - "The runaway"


How about some Maltese rock to start the new week? Red Electrick is a band from the city of Attard, in the islands of Malta. "The runaway" is a very cool rock 'n' rool song, with very cool rhythm and a chorus which is quite catchy. The video clip for it is a big production, so if you want to go directly to the song, jump it to around four minutes 25 seconds.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Poland | Kreuzberg - "Gwiezdny"


And we keep the tradition of closing the weeks here on Sounds European! with an amazing track. This week, we chose to highlight the Polish band Kreuzberg and their brand-new single "Gwiezdny". It's a full-package song: the rhythm is contagious from beginning to end, the chorus is absolutely amazing and the very cool vocals fit the song perfectly. A must-listen!

Czech Republic | Chinaski - "Stížnost"


Together since 1994 and enjoying much popularity in their home country, Czech band Chinaski have just released their latest single. The track is titled "Stížnost", and it's a true pop-rock track, flowing gently from start to end.

Ukraine | Pavlo Tabakov - "Dyakuyu nebesam"


Pavlo Tabakov has a very unique history, since he has taken part in several Ukrainian music reality shows. He is the winner of the fifth season of Shans, semifinalist of Ukrayina Maye Talant (their version of Got Talent) and winner of the second season of Holos Krayiny (their The Voice) – when he was trained by Diana Arbenina, who was also featured here on SE!. He's releasing a new single. "Dyakuyu nebesam" is a very enjoyable pop-rock, with an extremely catchy chorus.

Russia | Timur Rodriguez - "#Heroes"


Don't get confused by his surname. Timur Karimov (popularly known as Timur Rodriguez) is a Russian DJ and singer. His latest single is "#Heroes", a strong electronic pop with a marking vocal performance. Can you feel Saturday night coming?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Sweden | Icona Pop - "All night"


The third single from the duo of the moment was released last week. We are of course talking about "All night", by Swedish DJ duo Icona Pop. The song is an explosive pop track with the distinctive sounds of their voices and a pumping beat to put your body to the dance floor instantly!

Belarus | Dmitry Danilenko - "Proshchay nepogoda"


Dmitry Danilenko is a 30-year-old Belarusian singer who was born in Gomel, the second largest city of the country. He currently lives in Russia, where he is basing his career. His last single is "Proschay nepogoda", a very typical Russian-styled pop, with great rhythm and bridge to a very characteristic chorus.

Slovenia | DMP - "Bojna črta"


DMP (Društvo Mrtvih Pesnikov) is a band that has been playing since 1993, when they released their first album. Their last single is "Bojna črta", a very deep rock song. You shouldn't miss the video: it's as intense as the song itself!

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Knock Out - "Mir u tebi"


Knock Out is a band which was created in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. "Mir u tebi" is a song which is known in the region for a while, but has only had its video clip released very recently. It is a very nice ballad rock with a potent chorus.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Russia | Klyuchi - "Zazhgis' zvezdoy"


Klyuchi is a pop-rock band which was created in the end of the 1990s in Moscow, the capital of Russia. They've just released a new single, "Zazhgis' zvezdoy", which is a groovy midtempo with an amazing rhythm. It's impossible to listen to it without getting caught by it.

Poland | Mikromusic - "Sopot"


Mikropop are a Polish band that mingles pop, jazz and trip hop all together. They have recently released their third single, "Sopot", a charismatic single that shows that their cool combination of sounds can be very relaxing!

North Macedonia | Sanja Dimitrijević - "La fiesta"


Get your body ready to dance, because it's time to get to know Sanja Dimitrijević. Sanja was born in 1985 in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, but was raised in Belgrade. Afterwards, she's been to Austria, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates before returning to Belgrade, where she is basing her career. Her latest single, "La fiesta", is an uptempo dance pop which is playing a lot in the Balkan radios.

United Kingdom | Don Broco - "You wanna know"


Alternative rock at its best. That's what Don Broco has to offer us in their latest single. The vigorous "You wanna know" is a perfect mix between British rock and American alternative rock, involving you from start to end. Feel empowered by their music!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ukraine | Scroodge - "Karantin"


Formed in Chernihiv, in 2004, Scroodge play a very cool pop-rock, in a way that's uncommon for the Ukrainian music scene. Their latest single is "Karantin", a song that includes some raspy sounds of grunge.

Moldova | Sergey Artemiev - "Glupaya"


Sergey Artemiev is a 33-year-old Moldovan singer and composer. He was born in the capital of Moldova, Chișinău, but has been living in the Ukrainian city of Odessa since 2002. He started his solo career in 2009, as has been quite successful in the region since then. Sergey's new single, "Glupaya", has amazing rhythm, and his voice gives a great amount of feeling to it. A very cool song.

Germany | Luna Simao - "Es geht bis zu den wolken"


Luna Simao is a new name for German music scene. Her debut single is "Es geht bis zu den wolken", a very groovy and intense pop song. She will perform this song in the Bundesvision Song Contest, a German version of the Eurovision Song Contest, on September 26th.

United Kingdom | Mutya Keisha Siobhan - "Flatline"


Mutya Keisha Siobhan, also known as MKS, is a London-based girlband whose name comes from the girls' names: Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanan and Siobhán Donaghy. "Flatline" is their new single, by now without an album – which is predicted for the beginning of 2014. It is a very cool pop, which is very likely gonna make your body move.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Italy | Laura Pausini feat. Kylie Minogue - "Limpido"


Last week, she was here on SE! as part of a duet of great divas. And it seems she has really liked the experience, because she is already back with one more duet with another huge international star. This time, Laura Pausini is receiving Kylie Minogue for a great new single, which is already going very well in Italy: "Limpido" is a perfect mix of Laura's and Kylie's styles and languages, and the Spanish version "Limpio" is as good as the Italian/English one.

Updated on October 12th, 2013, with the official video.

Sweden | Le Garde - "Chaos"


New sounds coming from Sweden. They are Le Garde, and they've recently released their first single, "Chaos". The song is a big mix of pop, rock and electronic sounds – an explosive combination to rock your body from start to end!

Norway | Gabrielle - "Sitter her"


Gabrielle Leithaug has impressive achievements in Norwegian music history for someone whose career is just starting. Her first single, "Ring meg", from 2011, has topped official and online national charts, besides selling 10x platinum and being, at least up until then, the most streamed song ever in the history of Norway. Gabrielle's new single "Sitter her" is very catchy and has amazing rhythm. Let's dance to it?

Serbia | Milan Stanković - "Od mene se odvikavaj"


Milan Stanković is back! He represented his country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with "Ovo je Balkan" and now he's releasing a brand new single. "Od mene se odvikavaj" follows his thread of uplifting pop music combined with folk instruments. Super catchy!

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Charts Day #14 (part 2)


OneRepublic shot to stardom thanks to the addictive "Apologize". This year they released "Native", their first album in four years, coming back to rock the charts. The third single to that album, the catchy pop-rock "Counting stars", is currently #3 in Ireland.

The Charts Day #14 (part 1)


She is being one of the most discussed names of music these past weeks. You may love her. You may really dislike what she is doing. Either way, one thing is undeniable: whatever she is doing, it's working. Her new video was published only one week ago, and it's already reaching 100 million views. "Wrecking ball", by Miley Cyrus, is not going well only on YouTube – it's starting to chart all over Europe, with Ireland being where she is the highest this week, as #5.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

United Kingdom | Ellie Goulding - "How long will I love you"


Even when she's still enjoying success with "Burn" (covered by SE! here), Ellie Goulding has released "How long will I love you". The song, a very soft and touching ballad, is part of the soundtrack of the movie "About time".

Germany | Die Toten Hosen - "Das ist der moment"


One of the most traditional punk rock bands from Germany is trying different sounds with their new single. Die Toten Hosen, created in Düsseldorf in the beginning of the 1980s, released "Das ist der moment". It is more easy-listening than most of punk songs around. Very positive and enthusiastic track.

Finland | Tanja Vähäsarja - "Tuulena"


After her experience in The Voice of Finland, Tanja Vähäsarja is now releasing her first single. "Tuulena" is a very sweet and charming ballad, with a musical arrangement that lets the song flow gently. Her captivating voice and the Finnish language combine perfectly!

Sweden | Eric Saade - "Forgive me"


He has already gone home on Sounds European!. Now, he is seeking for forgiveness. The Swedish star Eric Saade is with a new single. "Forgive me" is different from most of Eric's work, which is usually very uptempo: the song is a nice ballad with a good groove in it.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Portugal | Aurea - "How far would you go"


Portuguese talent Aurea is returning to Sounds European! with a new single. She is releasing "How far would you go", which is the main song for the soundtrack of the Portuguese movie "RPG". It is a very classy song, with a great piano work and an even greater voice performance by Aurea.

Iceland | Dikta - "Talking"


It was not long ago when we featured Dikta with a great oldie. Well, they are back! The amazing rock band from Reykjavík has just released "Talking", a song that's very influenced by British pop-rock. Get ready to get caught by the Icelandic power!

Norway | Alida - "Some of us"


After exploding to success with the hit "Feathers", the Norwegian singer Alida is returning with another song. "Some of us" keeps the same dance-pop style and cool vocal work of her previous single. A cute track which is very nice to listen to.

Ukraine | Antytila - "Nevidimka"


Antytila is a Ukrainian band coming from Kiev, and they've been together since 2008. They sing pop-rock songs in Ukrainian, Russian and English. Their latest single is "Nevidimka", a powerful and catchy pop-rock track that shows all their power.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Italy | Elisa - "L'anima vola"


Among the many divas that Italy has brought to music, Elisa Toffoli (Trieste, 1977) is one of the most beloved and talented ones. "L'anima vola" is her most recent song, and the first single from her upcoming homonymous album. The song is a very misterious, involving track, which will keep you on tenterhooks until the end.

Serbia | Marko Mandić feat. Sara Jo - "Ujutru"


One of the biggest current hits in the Balkan countries' charts is "Ujutru", by Marko Mandić and Sara Jo. It is the first single by the Italian-born Sara Jo ("Jo" comes from her last name Jovanović) after her participation in the last Eurovision Song Contest as "the devil" of Moje 3. "Ujutru" is a very interesting and groovy pop song.

Finland | Suvi Teräskinska - "Täydellinen elämä"


After the success of "Pahalta piilossa", in 2011, Suvi Teräsniska (Finnish singer from Kolari) released her fifth album, "Hän tanssi kanssa enkeleiden", this year. It was an even bigger success, charting at #1 in the Finnish album charts. "Täydellinen elämä", a beautiful and sweet ballad, is her latest single.

Slovenia | IN&OUT - "Sij severni"


IN&OUT is back with a new single. After their first song ever, released after their participation in the Slovenian X Faktor (which was shown here), the group is with their first original track: "Sij sverni" is a very contagious pop-rock. One of the coolest singles coming from Slovenia recently.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ireland | Republic Of Loose - "Thinking of you"


Irish TV show The Hit is giving us a good flow of great music. Republic Of Loose's "Thinking of you" is a perfect example of this: a very groovy pop-rock song with an extremely catchy chorus that will make you move your body to the music!

Finland | Jenni Jaakkola - "Tämä on unta"


Grown-up music, very young age. Jenni Jaakkola was the winner of the first edition of the reality show KIDSing, a singing competition for kids from eight to 13 years old. After her victory, Jenni is releasing her first single, "Tämä on unta" – which, even though she is now only 14, is a song that could fit any adult artist. A sure talent with potential for many years!

Ukraine | Maria Rak - "Stubborn"


It was 2011 when Maria Rak became the runner up of the first season of The X Factor Ukraine. After two years, she is now launching her music career. Her first single is "Stubborn", is a magnific pop-rock track, which gets really catchy towards the chorus.

France | Olympe - "Zombie"


A new singer is coming from France, and with the recommendation of another artist featured on SE!. Olympe was trained by Jenifer on the last edition of the French version of The Voice – he finished the reality show as the runner-up. His first single after the competition is the version of "Zombie", by The Cranberries, which he presented during the show. Deep, powerful and great voice... the best cover version for this song ever released, for sure.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Czech Republic | Markéta Konvičková - "Já jsem tvůj vesmír"


It's not the first time we feature Czech singer Markéta Konvičková. She is with a new single: "Já jsem tvůj vesmír" is a more electronic single compared to the previous one we've shown. Besides the style, all her qualities are still present, such as voice, enthusiastic rhythm and contagious sounds.

Italy | Nek - "Conjunción astral"


Not long ago, Nek released "La mitad de nada", together with Sergio Dalma. Now, he has not only released the Italian version of that song (entitled "La metà di niente"), he is also promoting his new Spanish single, called "Conjunción astral". The song is a perfect match between Italian ballad and Spanish romantic lyrics.

Norway | Margaret Berger - "Human race"


Margaret Berger is a 27-year-old Norwegian singer born in the city of Trondheim. She is better known for her participation in the latest Eurovision Song Contest, with the electropop "I feed you my love". Margaret has just released a new single. "Human race" is another energetic electropop of hers.

Russia | Dima Bilan - "Malysh"


Dima Bilan is one of the biggest names of Russian music. He was already a star when he won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008, with "Believe", and has been an idol since then. "Malysh" is his last single, a strong and captivating pop ballad.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

United Kingdom | James Blunt - "Bonfire heart"


James Blunt (Tidworth, 1974), the former army officer that is now one of the most famous contemporary British singers, has just released "Bonfire heart", his latest single. The song is a great example of pop music with a slight touch of folk, completed with James' distinctive vocal performance.

Italy | Gloria Estefan feat. Laura Pausini - "Sorridi"


Two of the biggest names of the current international music scene are together for a new single. Cuban-born star Gloria Estefan is receiving the biggest diva of Italian music, Laura Pausini (Faenza, 1974), for a duet of her new album "The standards". They sing "Sorridi", a beautiful piano-based ballad, which was also recorded in Spanish, by the name "Sonríe".

Finland | Jonna Tervomaa - "Tikapuut"


After a six-year break, Jonna Tervomaa is back to show us that Finnish music scene is more than powerful rock and happy pop. The deep "Tikapuut" is the second single to come out of her tenth studio album, "Eläköön".

Ukraine | Tanya Piskareva - "Esli by ne ty"


Tanya Piskareva (also known as Tatiana Piskareva) is a Ukrainian singer who was born in the region of Mala Vyska, and is currently based in Kiev. Her newest single, "Esli by ne ty", is an uptempo pop filled with energy and rhythm, ready to make you dance to the music.

Monday, September 09, 2013

The Charts Day #13 (part 2)


While most of countries in Europe has "Wake me up" as their leader in charts, Denmark has a national song on the top. It's Burhan G's "Kalder mig hjem".

The Charts Day #13 (part 1)


Ellie Goulding's "Burn" has already been featured on Sounds European!, but it achieved the biggest success for the young British singer: her explosive track debuted on top of the British charts and kept as the leader for the last three weeks, becoming her first ever #1 single.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Spain | Pablo López - "Dónde"


Pablo López is a 29-year-old singer from the Spanish city of Fuengirola. He got famous in Spain while participating in the reality show Operación Triunfo. "Dónde" is a single from his first solo album, "Once historias y un piano". It is a very cool song, which follows the very Spanish style of growing until an explosive chorus.

Poland | Patricia Kazadi - "Live a little"


Patricia Kazadi is a complete artist. She's an actress, a singer, a dancer and a television personality who has appeared in numerous TV shows and has released several singles before her first album, "Trip", which saw the light this year. The uplifting "Live a little" is her latest song.

Russia | Blondinka Ksyu - "Posledniy potseluy"


Blondinka Ksyu is a Russian singer who was born in Moscow. After having worked singles from five albums, she's preparing new material. From it, she chose "Posledniy potseluy" as her single. It is an energetic pop with cool guitar work in the chorus – something uncommon for Russian pop.

Sweden | FO&O - "Build a girl"


What happens when you mix a boyband and Swedish pop? FO&O. They are a brand new teen band which are already winning hearts in their home country. Their newest single is "Build a girl", a contagious and catchy pop song.

Updated on March 27th, 2017, with the new stage name of the group.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Sweden | Elin Överfjord - "Nu"


Here comes a new pop talent from Sweden. Elin Överfjord is only 18 years old, but she's already showing her capacities to be a great singer. Her debut single, "Nu", is a very catchy dance-pop track sung in Swedish. And yes, it will get stucked in your head for days!

Netherlands | Krystl - "Undefeatable"


Krystl Pullens is a 30-year-old Dutch singer from the city of Santpoort-Noord. She is going for her second album, "Undefeatable", which is going to be released on September 20th. Its first single is the song which gives name to the album: "Undefeatable" is a stylish pop which highlights all the voice quality Krystl has.

Russia | Artem Varinov - "Perezaryazhay"


Calm rock sounds mingled with synthpop. This is what Artem Varinov has to offer. His catchy "Perezaryazhay" starts with a beat that makes you move your head already, but the chorus is completely explosive!

Portugal | No Stress - "A um passo do céu"


No Stress is a brand-new boyband coming from Portugal. Cláudio, Tiago, Valter, Daniel and James are from different Portuguese cities, and got together for creating the group. Their first single, "A um passo do céu", is a beautiful ballad with touching voice work and lyrics.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Poland | Klaudia Gawor - "Lekkosc zycia bez slow"


Klaudia Gawor is a Polish singer who was born in 1995 in the city of Kraków. She is the latest winner of the Polish version of the reality show The X Factor. Now, she is releasing a single: "Lekkosc zycia bez slow" is a beautiful and sweet ballad which will win your heart.

Slovakia | Lavagance - "Gabriel"


After being twice the supporting act of Duran Duran and Depeche Mode, Slovak indie-rock band Lavagance confirmed their fame in their country of origin. They have released their last single not long ago. "Gabriel" is a great example of an alternative rock song with British influences.

Belarus | Alesya Zhin - "Nevozmozhno byt' blizhe"


Alesya Zhin is a singer who was born in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Even though it's not her first single, her career is very recent. "Nevozmozhno byt' blizhe" is a dancy midtempo song, in which Alesya can show well her soothing voice.

Denmark | Outlandish - "Better days"


Outlandish are one of the biggest bands to come out of Denmark lately. Their mix of hip-hop and pop, together with their deep and touching lyrics, have conquered many hearts around the world. Their latest track is "Better days", which follows the mixture we talked about before and even includes some Spanish lyrics.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Ireland | Samantha Mumba - "Somebody like me"


Do you remember the hit "Gotta tell you"? Well, Samantha Mumba is back! After several years in stand by, she appeared in the music scene to compete in the Irish show "The Hit", in which songwriters compete with established artists to turn a song into a hit. Her song is the amazing "Somebody like me", a soothing and deep ballad.

Ukraine | Ani Lorak - "Zabiray ray"


Ukrainian diva Ani Lorak is back to Sounds European!. After a very powerful pop, it's time for her newest single, which is as strong as the previous one, but with a more ballad-like pace. All the great elements of Ani's songs are once more present on "Zabiray ray": energy, great voice, contagious rhythm... it's surely a must-listen.

Croatia | Žanamari & J'Animals - "Kao da nema sutra"


Žanamari & J'Animals were formed in 2010 in Zagreb, Croatia. They have released singles in both Croatian and English, and had several hits in their country. Their last single is "Kao da nema sutra", a really powerful rock track.

Finland | Ellinoora - "Sellainen mies"


Stylish, strong, sexy, groovy... it's hard to find enough adjectives to describe in details how great "Sellainen mies" is. It is the first single of Ellinoora, a new singer coming from Finland. Her voice quality is extremely mature and developed for someone who is only 19 years old. A true Finnish gem!

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

France | Emmanuel Moire - "Ne s'aimer que la nuit"


Emmanuel Moire is synonym for success in France. Born in Le Mans in 1979, he started his solo career, as many famous French artists, after taking part in musicals. "Ne s'aimer que la nuit" is the second single from his third album, "Le chemin". It's a pop song with great rhythm, which grows until an amazing chorus.

Czech Republic | Iva Frühlingová - "Hey hey hey"


Despite being born in Litvínov, today part of the Czech Republic, Iva Frühlingová has recorded most of her songs in French. This is probably why she is a famous model and singer in France, too. Her last single is "Hey hey hey", a very nice pop song sorrounded by a marking beat and the beauty of  the French language.

Russia | Irene Nelson feat. Reflex - "Leto na okna"


Irene Nelson (sometimes referred to as Irina Nelson) is one of the biggest stars of Russian music. She was very successful in the 1990s, when she sang under the name of Diana. In the beginning of the 2000s, she started the group Reflex – which she has left to restart her solo career in the present decade. Now, Reflex is featuring in her brand-new single "Leto na okna", which is a fresh and exciting track.

Sweden | Veronica Maggio - "Sergels torg"


Veronica Maggio is a very popular singer across the Nordic countries. In her native Sweden, her last four singles made it to the top ten in the national charts. The last one of the singles is "Sergels torg", a very sweet pop song.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Turkey | Gripin - "Aşk nereden nereye"


Turkish rock band Gripin was formed in 1999, when they mostly played covers. After five albums and many awards, they are now an established band in their home country. Their single "Aşk nereden nereye" is a ballad that mixes their rock music with soothing Turkish sounds. The outcome is irresistible!

Embedding for this video has been disabled, but you can check it by clicking here.

Italy | Marco Mengoni - "Non passerai"


Marco Mengoni first appeared to Italy on the third season of his country's The X Factor, which he ended up winning. After that, he has had many successful songs. This led to his victory in the last edition of Festival di Sanremo, with "L'essenziale", which he later presented during Eurovision Song Contest. His new single, "Non passerai", displays exactly his style, with a very unique way to make his voice touch us in beautiful ballads.

Ireland | Shane Filan - "Everything to me"


Even when Shane Filan is releasing his first single, he's not a new name for many people. He was one of the members of Westlife, and he has launched his solo career this year with the catchy and sweet pop song "Everything to me".

Finland | Lauri Tähkä - "Saat syttymään"


Lauri Tähkä is the artistic name of Jarkko Suo, a 29-year-old Finnish singer who was formerly part of the band Lauri Tähkä & Elonkerjuu. He left the band and started his solo career in 2011. Now, he is preparing his second solo album, "Hurmaan", to be released in the end of this month. Its first single, "Saat syttymään", is a great uptempo track, filled with contagious rhythm.

Monday, September 02, 2013

The Charts Day #12 (part 2)


Even when her first single was out only two years ago, Emeli Sandé is now one of the big names in British music scene. She paired with British musician Naughty Boy in the uplifting "Lifted", which debuted at #8 in the British chart.

The Charts Day #12 (part 1)


Are you listening? Lady Gaga! The pop diva is back with a brand-new single which is already taking over the world. In Europe, "Applause" is starting to appear in every country's charts. Her highest place, this week, is a #3 in Italy. Do you have any doubt it'll soon populate every first place?

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Ukraine | Veronika Dorosh - "Chomu"


Veronika Dorosh was one of the youngest singers of the latest season of Holos Krayiny, the Ukrainian version of The Voice, where she was part of the Oleg Skrypka team. She is now releasing "Chomu", a very powerful pop ballad which is totally addictive.

United Kingdom | Paul McCartney - "New"


One quarter of The Beatles has just released a new single. Sir Paul McCartney is coming back on track with "New", a song that can easily take you back to the '60s with the rhythm, the way his voice flows and all the sweet backing vocals that were so fashionable back then.

Italy | Alessandra Amoroso - "Amore puro"


Alessandra Amoroso (Galatina, 1986) is one of the most popular singers of Italy. After almost one year without a new single, she is finally back. Preparing to have her new album put to sale, Alessandra has just released its first single. "Amore puro" is everything you can expect from her: a deep and emotional song, with a huge highlight to her amazing vocal quality.

Sweden | Lisa Miskovsky - "Coming on strong"


Lisa Miskovsky is one of the biggest names in Swedish pop music scene. Her participation in Melodifestivalen 2012 with "Why start a fire" was one of the most acclaimed ones, even when she only placed ninth in the final. She's now back with a very sweet pop song, "Coming on strong".