Saturday, August 31, 2013

Serbia | UrbanPuls - "Reči dve"


UrbanPuls is an important name of Serbian rock. The Belgrade-based band is currently playing all around the Balkan region, with their most recent single, "Reči dve", which mixes a very unique voice with a greatly done rhythm. Totally entertaining!

Turkey | Sıla - "Aslan gibi"


This is probably one of the catchiest songs posted in Sounds European! so far. Sıla is an established artist in Turkey, with six albums published and many songs written for other artists. "Aslan gibi" is a pop song with a very interesting Turkish flavour, and a chorus that will stick in your head for days!

France | Florent Pagny - "Les murs porteurs"


Florent Pagny is a talented artist coming from Chalon-sur-Saône, in France. He sings in French, Spanish, Italian and English, and he has also acted in some films. His new track, "Les murs porteurs", is a deep and emotional ballad which has all the elements to touch the listeners.

Friday, August 30, 2013

United Kingdom | Mumford & Sons - "Hopeless wanderer"


Mumford & Sons are a band that need no introduction. The folk-rock band has released their last single, "Hopeless wanderer", in the beggining of August. It's as superb, intense and deep as the other singles of theirs. You can't miss hearing this one.

Slovenia | Low Peak Charlie - "Hrosch kebr"


Low Peak Charlie is a band from the cities of Primorska and Ljubljana, in Slovenia. Their most recent single is "Hrosch kebr", a very interesting and powerful mix of rock and reggae. The chorus is an explosion of sounds which is totally contagious.

Finland | Pikku Kukka - "Päivät, jotka vietän kanssasi"


Finnish music scene is quite eclectic. When one thinks that there's mostly rock coming from there, Pikku Kukka's new single appears and chills it all down. The soft "Päivät, jotka vietän kanssasi" is the first single from their third album, to be released soon.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Czech Republic | Mandrage - "Na dlani"


Mandrage is a rock band from the city of Plzeň, in the Czech Republic. They are on the road for almost a decade now. Their new single, "Na dlani", is a groovy ballad with very cool instrumentation. The chorus is positively up, making a good complementing to the track.

Belgium | Airis - "Tomorrow I'll be OK"


While taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 with the lovely "Would you?", Iris released her first album, "Seventeen". Now she's back with a non-album single, the powerful ballad "Tomorrow I'll be OK", in which she shows all the potential in her sweet voice.

France | Margaux Avril - "Lunatique"


Margaux Avril is a French singer who was born in Paris. Even though she is very young (22 years old) and her career is only starting, she has already charted in France and in Belgium. Her most recent single, "Lunatique", is a beautiful song, which clearly shows her singing quality.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

United Kingdom | Two Door Cinema Club - "Changing of the seasons"


They are back! Two Door Cinema Club were the revelation of 2010, when they released their first album, "Tourist history". After many awards, they are giving us their 11th single, called "Changing of the seasons". The song is what you can expect from them: a cheerful pop-rock track with a contagious melody.

Germany | Ballet School - "Heartbeat overdrive"


Ballet School is a band which was formed in Berlin by an Irish singer (Rosie), a Japanese-Brazilian guitar player (Michel) and a British drummer (Louis). Their single "Heartbeat overdrive" expresses very well their musical objective, which is to mix influences of The Cocteau Twins, The Cure and early Madonna. An '80s-based sound brought to the present.

Slovakia | Peter Bič Project - "Thinking about you"


Peter Bič Project is a Slovak group that scored a massive hit with their single "Hey now". They released two other singles after, and "Thinkin about you" is the latest one of them. It's a soft pop song with a flavour of electronic beats, completed with a very sweet voice. A charming twist to start this Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Italy | Andrea Nardinocchi - "Persi insieme"


Andrea Nardinocchi was born in 1986 in Bologna, Italy. He was introduced to a larger-scale audience during the 2013 edition of Festival di Sanremo, where he didn't manage to qualify to the final of the Giovani category (in which the brand-new artists present) with his "Storia impossibile". His new single is "Persi insieme", a groovy pop with a very cool chorus.

Denmark | AYA KATRINE - "In the Sun"


A new name is rising in Danish music scene. AYA KATRINE released the summerish "In the Sun" some months ago and is now under heavy rotation in Danish radios. The song is a happy pop tune, combinated perfectly with her raspy vocals. Let's get wasted in the sun!

Sweden | Sara Zacharias - "Mot solen"


Sara Zacharias is a new name in the Swedish music scene. She is the daughter of the late Ted Gärdestad, who was a very famous artist in Sweden (having represented the country on Eurovision 1979). Her first single, "Mot solen", is an emotive ballad which displays all the potential she has.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Charts Day #11 (part 2)


Lana Del Rey is already a big name in worldwide music scene. Her last hit is "Summertime sadness", a deep and melancoholic ballad that has also charted everywhere around Europe, but is currently at the #7 in the Irish chart.

The Charts Day #11 (part 1)


Katy Perry has released her new single in the beggining of August, and it's already a hit all over Europe. The power pop "Roar" is in the top positions in many countries, but the highlight is definitely in Ireland: the song debuted as #1.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Greece | Dimos Anastasiadis - "Panta kai pantou mazi sou"


Dimos Anastasiadis (Katerini, 1985) is not a new name for the Greeks. He has already released two CDs, toured around Greece twice and received numerous awards and condecorations. Earlier this year, he released "Panta kai pantou mazi sou", which is a great sample of an intense pop-rock song with some electronic elements.

Norway | Thomas Dybdahl - "But we did"


Thomas Dybdahl is a 34-year-old singer born in Sandnes, Norway. After leaving the band Quadraphonics, in the beginning of the 2000s, he rose to fame as a solo artist in 2002, with his first album receiving great reviews from national and international critics. He is with a new song, "But we did", a beautiful and touching ballad.

Poland | LOKA - "Oczy miasta"


We're back to the vigorous Polish rock scene. After covering Ukeje, LemON and Myslovitz, it's now the turn of LOKA, a new band from Warsaw. Their strong song "Oczy miasta" is a perfect sample of a perfect alternative rock song.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Netherlands | Sandra van Nieuwland - "Hunter"


Sandra van Nieuwland was born in 1977 in Delft, a city in region of South Holland, in the Netherlands. She got famous after her participation in the third season of The Voice of Holland, where she got eliminated in the semifinals. Her newest single is called "Hunter", and it is truly a masterpiece: catchy rhythm, amazing voice and a chorus which sticks to the brain after one single listen. No better way to close this weekend!

United Kingdom | KT Tunstall - "Invisible empire"


The mixture of folk, pop and rock made KT Tunstall's first album, "Eye to the telescope", be a worldwide success. Almost ten years later, she is releasing her fifth studio album, "Invisible empire // Crescent Moon", from which the sweet and touching "Invisible empire" is taken.

Croatia | Ignor - "Frajer me pivom zalio"


Ignor is a Croatian rock band from Zagreb. They qualify themselves as a "regional Blink-182 wannabe". And their most recent single, "Frajer me pivom zalio", is a proof of this objective: a powerful and contagious punk rock which reminds a lot some of Blink-182's work. A great way to start this Saturday with a lot of energy.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Ireland | Kodaline - "Brand new day"


Kodaline is the band of the moment in Ireland. "In a perfect world", their first studio album, has peaked at number one in the Irish charts. "Brand new day" is the fourth single from that album, and it's as fantastic as all the others. A calm rock song to get ready for the weekend!

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Dino Merlin - "Ako me ikada sretneš"


Countries which have only recently reached independence give us different musical possibilities. One example of this is Dino Merlin (Sarajevo, 1962): he is usually known for having been twice on Eurovision (in 1999 and 2011), but he is also the writer of the first Bosnian national anthem. Dino's most recent release is a very interesting live video to his hit "Ako me ikada sretneš".

Updated on November 16th, 2020, with the official video.

Denmark | Hymns From Nineveh - "A kid on the beach"


Hymns From Niniveh is a Danish group who defines their music as devotional folkpop. Their latest single is called "A kid on the beach" and is absolutely captivating. This track is a bit more synth-pop, with an extremely contagious chorus and a relaxed atmosphere sorrounding the whole song.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

United Kingdom | Birdy - "Wings"


Birdy is the artistic name of Jasmine van den Bogaerde, a 17-year-old British singer. She won a music competition when she was only 12, and since then her career has been rising. She is soon to release her new album, "Fire Within", and "Wings" is its first single. A deep and touching song, as most of hers.

Germany | Tim Bendzko - "Programmiert"


Tim Bendzko (East Berlin, 1985) is currently one of the big names of the German music scene. His second album, "Am seidenen faden", has reached the top ten in all German speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). The second single to come from this album is "Programmiert", a really catchy pop song.

Belgium | Eriksson Delcroix - "At the car graveyard"


Eriksson Delcroix is a Belgian duo named after the last names of its two members, Bjorn Eriksson and Nathalie Delcroix. They are from Antwerp. Their single "At the car graveyard" is a nice ballad with a captivating folk/country flavor.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

North Macedonia | Kaliopi - "Probudi me"


Kaliopi is undoubtedly the biggest voice from North Macedonia. She's being singing since she was ten, and has even represented her country in the Eurovision Song Contest twice (last time in 2012 with the magnific "Crno i belo"). Here we present you "Probudi me", an in-crescendo pop ballad with touches of Balkan sounds and the distinctive flavour of Kaliopi's voice.

Czech Republic | Irnis - "Nad zemí"


Irnis is a band from Valtice, a city in the Czech Republic which is near border of the country with Austria. They are on the road since 2012. Now, they are releasing a new single: "Nad zemí" is a rock song with an incredibly catchy rhythm. Totally captivating and enthusiastic track.

Finland | Jenni Vartiainen - "Junat ja naiset"


The Finnish pop diva is back! After the success of her last album, which offered amazing tracks such as "En haluu kuola tänä yönä" or "Missä murusenit on", Jenni Vartiainen is releasing her third album. "Terra" will be released on October 4th, but we can already have a peek of what it will bring thanks to the first single, "Junat ja naiset".

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

United Kingdom | Disclosure - "F for you"


Disclosure is a British electronic music duo, formed by the brothers Guy and Howard Lawren – respectively 22 and 19 years old. They are pointed as one of the biggest new potentials in the music scene from the United Kingdom. Their debut album was released in June, and their single "F for you" is a big hit in their land.

Denmark | Fallulah - "Wicked game"


We have all been captivated by 1989 hit "Wicked games", by Chris Isaak. The song has been covered by an enormous amount of artists and in a wide variety of styles. But last week, it was the turn of the lovely Danish singer Fallulah to release her version. The haunting lyrics are very well matched with a mysterious melody and Fallulah's captivating voice.

Cyprus | Ivi Adamou - "Ponane oi agapes"


Despite looking very mature, Ivi Adamou is only 19 years old. Born in Ayia Napa, in Cyprus, she firstly appeared to the public by participating in the Greek version of The X Factor. Afterwards, Ivi got better known around the rest of Europe when her "La la love" was one of the hits of Eurovision in 2012. Now, she has a new single, which is filled with Greek flavor.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Charts Day #10 (part 2)


Nico & Vinz's "Am I wrong" was shown here on Sounds European! right after it was released. Now, it's a big hit in the Scandinavian region, currently being the second place of the Swedish charts – only behind the local Avicii (who is, by the way, leading almost everywhere in Europe this week).

The Charts Day #10 (part 1)


While the Belgian song "Papaoutai" still leads the French charts, in Belgium, there is no local in the first place. Who's topping there is the Dutch DJ Martin Garrix, and his most recent single, "Animals".

Sunday, August 18, 2013

United Kingdom | The Wanted - "We own the night"


After the success of "Walks like Rihanna" (covered by Sounds European! here), The Wanted have released the equally catchy "We own the night". This song is like those irresistible, anthemic British pop songs with an extra spice of dance beat. Absolutely wonderful!

Albania | Elhaida Dani - "Baciami e basta"


It's not the first time Sounds European! presents Elhaida Dani's work. She is Albanian, but her career is taking place in Italy, where she was the winner of the first season of the reality show The Voice of Italy. Her most recent single, "Baciami e basta", is a typical Italian song, with powerful chorus and beautiful use of voice.

Poland | Mosqitoo - "Little beat"


Mosqitoo are a duo from Poland. They make contagious synth-pop songs with a fantastic electronic beat, which can get quite addictive. That's the case of "Little beat", a song that flows smoothly thanks to a very sweet voice. A perfect song to end yesterday's party!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Germany | Redweik - "Maschine"


It's becoming a tradition on Sounds European! to close every week with an amazing song. And we can say that "Maschine" does justice to this purpose. The song, performed by the band Redweik, from the German city of Munich, is a great rock 'n' roll, with an amazing chorus. A must-listen!

United Kingdom | Olly Murs - "Right place right time"


After the release of the melancholic "Dear darling" (covered by SE! here), the charismatic British singer Olly Murs released "Right place right time". The song, which gives the name to Olly's latest album, is a comeback to his great energetic pop singles.

Sweden | Anton - "Can't hold back"


After his participation on the last Melodifestivalen, with the catchy "Begging", Anton Ewald is back with a new single. "Can't hold back" follows his previous song's style: a dancy and groovy electropop which has all the qualities needed to captivate the listeners.

Updated on June 6th, 2017, with the new stage name of the artist.

Friday, August 16, 2013

France | David Carreira feat. Anselmo Ralph - "Baby fica"


French-born Portuguese singer David Carreira has scored a big hit in his home country with the summerish "Baby fica". The song is a soft, romantic pop track, which has a very catchy chorus and a really sticky bridge. In the official track, David features the Angolan singer Alselmo Ralph.

Greece | Vasilis Karras - "Ti na mas peis"


Pop-rocks aren't the most common product of the Greek music industry. But when they decide to make one, it exceeds any expectation. That's the case of "Ti na mas peis", sung by Vasilis Karras, a 59-year-old folk singer born in Kokkinochori, in Greece. It is a very powerful and contagious track, which proves that, even after 30 years of career, Karras still has what it gets to be great.

Hungary | Blind Myself - "Diszkószám az éhezésről"


Every week, the editors of Sounds European! get stucked in one song. And this time it's the turn of the Hungarian rock band Blind Myself. Their metalcore sounds mingle with some electronic beats in "Diszkószám az éhezésről". Hungarian music surprising us again!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

France | The Mess - "Au top"


The Mess is a girlband which won the recently-ended fifth season of the French version of the reality show Popstars. It is formed by Kendy, 24 years old; Megan, 17; Chéraze, 27, and Léa, 25. Their first single to be released, "Au top", is very filled with groove. Ready to dance?

Iceland | Dikta - "Breaking the waves"


Nordic rock is very renowned around the world, and that's what Dikta does. They are an alternative rock band from Reykjavík, Iceland, and "Breaking the waves" is one of the singles from their second album, "Hunting for happiness". The track mixes a powerful rock melody with deep lyrics and a voice that matches perfectly, creating a magnific atmosphere.

Portugal | Ruben - "Viaggi in mare"


Born in Lisbon, but living almost his entire life in Italy, Ruben took part of the eleventh season of talent show Amici, but didn't go very far in the competition. Despite that, he is now starting to build his career. And, if it depends on his single "Viaggi in mare", it has everything to go big. It has a potent chorus, as it's quite common to Italian music. Great track!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

United Kingdom | Diana Vickers - "Music to make boys cry"


We're still enjoying "Cinderella" (which we featured here), but Diana Vickers is already unvealing another track from her second album, "Music to make boys cry". This time, it's the track that gives the album its name, and the song rises to pure pop perfection: a contagious track with a revengeful twist in the lyrics.

Sweden | Zara Larsson - "Love again"


Zara Larsson became famous after winning the reality show Talang 2008, the Swedish version of Got Talent. Her first huge hit was "Uncover" – it charted well in many places, specially in Scandinavian countries. "Love again" is the most recent single coming from her second EP, "Allow me to reintroduce myself". It's a very catchy electronic pop.

Serbia | Aleksandar Randjelović - "Desire in disguise"


"Desire in disguise" is one of the five songs from the official soundtrack of the videogame "Rise to fame". The soft rock song is performed by the Serbian singer, songwriter and composer Aleksandar Randjelović.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

France | Barcella - "Salope"


Barcella is the artistic name of the 32-year-old singer and composer Mathieu Ladevèze, born in Reims, France. He has two albums released, and is now with a brand-new single. "Salope" has very interesting instrumentation, which completes his voice in an extremely nice way.

Turkey | Gülşen - "Yatcaz kalkcaz ordayım"


One of the divas of Turkish music scene is definitely Gülşen. She captivated her fans with her pop rock stlye mixed with elements of Arab music. Here we have a perfect mix between a pop dance song and Arab touches: the exotic "Yatcaz kalkcaz ordayım", first track of her ninth studio album, "Beni durdursan mı?".

Hungary | Dizzy Effort - "Go on"


Hungary is in a very positive moment about great new rock bands. Dizzy Effort is from the country's capital, Budapest, and has a cool garage-rock feeling in their work. Their first single, "Go on", shows what their music is about: offering that kind of classic rock 'n' roll which is not common anymore. Very powerful and enjoyable!

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Charts Day #9 (part 2)


After being one of the kids' idol thanks to her Disney character Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus shot to stardom when she launched her solo career as herself. This year, she has released her fourth studio album, "Bangerz". The first single, "We can't stop", is charting in many charts in Europe, being her highest position by now the fifth place in Norway.

The Charts Day #9 (part 1)


A Belgian artist is topping the French charts. It's singer and composer Stromae, with his ethnic "Papaoutai". France is one of the few countries which is not with Avicii in its first place – there, "Wake me up" is only fifth place.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Belgium | Axelle Red - "Amour profond"


Axelle Red is one of the biggest names to ever come from Belgium. She has recently released her tenth studio album, in which she seems to be more passionate than ever: the second single to come from "Rouge ardent" is "Amour profond", a fantastic pop song with a twist that will make you feel like in the '60s.

Spain | Alejandro Sanz - "La música no se toca"


When the topic is Spanish music, Alejandro Sanz is one of the most famous names ever. The Madrid-born singer has collected many hits throughout his career – some of them, with international success, such as "Corazón partío", very likely his biggest one. Sanz is with a new single, "La música no se toca", which has an amazing explosion of sounds in the chorus.

Latvia | Instrumenti - "Pilnīgi viens"


Instrumenti are a two piece band that mixes pop, electronica and indie sounds. They have toured Latvia and the Baltic region many times, and have just released their second album, "Procastination". But we'll show you a song from their first album, the melancholic and intimate "Pilnīgi viens", sung in Latvian and ready to touch your hearts.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ukraine | Eva Bushmina - "Leto naprokat"


Eva Bushmina was born in Sverdlovsk, a city in the Southeast of Ukraine. She rose to fame after taking part of the last formation of the famous group VIA Gra, also known as Nu Virgos. Now, she is going for a solo career, and her latest single is "Leto naprokat". A very groovy pop, followed by a voice which completes nicely the song's purpose.

United Kingdom | Jamie Cullum - "Edge of something"


After a break of four years, Jamie Cullum is back with a new album. His sixth CD is called "Momentum", and the second single to come from it is "Edge of something". The song mingles Jamie's amazing jazz style with the classic British pop song. What's here not to love?

Slovakia | Polemic - "Dama"


Polemic is a ska band formed in Bratislava, Slovakia. Their music sounds like the ones which are usually produced in the Balkans, with cool usage of the sax and drums. As most of ska songs, "Dama" is a very groovy single, which has everything to make your body shake.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Italy | Jovanotti - "Estate"


We've already had him around when he realised "Ti porto via con me". Now, he's presenting us "Estate", the fourth single taken from his last album, "Backup 1987-2012 - Il best". The song is a soothing pop song which really honours its title ("estate" means summer in Italian, and you can really get the summer vibes of this!).

United Kingdom | P!nk feat. Lily Allen - "True love"


The British pop star Lily Allen is participating of P!nk's newest single. "True love" is a groovy pop which follows the well-known style of most songs by P!nk. Lily's voice adds a very interesting spice to her part of the song. It sounds like a true hit, and it's starting to appear in many European charts. A must-listen!

Poland | Myslovitz - "Predzej pozniej dalej"


An already legendary band in Poland is back this year with another single. Myslovitz is an indie rock band who was formed in the '90s that kept their fame until now. The addictive "Predzej pozniej dalej" can be a reason to understand their success in their home country.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Kosovo | Nevena Božović - "Pogledaj me"


Nevena Božović is a 19-year-old singer from Kosovska Mitrovica, a city in Kosovo. She is the first singer ever to go to both Eurovision Song Contest and its Junior version. After her Eurovision participation with Moje 3 last May, she is releasing a new single. "Pogledaj me" is a catchy pop song which explores well her voice quality.

Ukraine | Lilya Vavrin - "Tantsyuyu bez tebe"


An amazing dance tune was released last week: we're talking about the Ukrainian singer Lilya Vavrin and her 12th single, the catchy and uplifting "Tantsyuyu bez tebe". Let's see how long until you start moving your body to the music!

Germany | Melina Aslanidou - "Kalokeri agkalia mou"


Melina Aslanidou was born in Stuttgart. And that's about everything she has to do with Germany. Her family returned to Greece not long after she was born – so she grew up inside the Greek culture. Melina's music style is a proof of that: a mix of contemporary pop and classic Greek music, with very traditional instrumentation.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Norway | Tone Damli - "Winner of a losing game"


Tone Damli is a very well known name in Norway. After being the runner-up in the 2005 Norwegian version of Idols, she released many hits in her home country and has taken part of the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix in 2009, with "Butterflies". Her last single is "Winner of a losing game", a heartbreaking ballad.

Czech Republic | A Banquet - "Too young"


A Banquet is a very unique band from Prague. They describe their style as "futu-roll" – which would be a mixture of '80s synthpop, '90s altrock, grunge and contemporary electro genres. Summarizing it a bit, we could say it's a kind of electronic/synth rock. But, instead of describing, it's better to listen and find out for yourself. And it's worth: "Too young" is an amazing song!

Greece | Boys and Noise - "Kane kati"


There is a great new act hailing from Greece. It's Boys and Noise, a boyband formed by Aris Makris, Vangelis Kakouriotis and Dimitris Giannoulis. Meet them with their debut single, "Kane kati". It's a song that starts calmly, but develops into an amazing pop-dance track. The boys display all their beauty, youth and fresh airs in the video. Definitely a must!

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

United Kingdom | Scouting For Girls - "Millionaire"


United Kingdom is home to many great bands. Among them, for sure, Scouting For Girls is one of the coolest ones. And they are with a new single. "Millionaire" has the perfect mix of catchy rhythm and great vocals which is usual in their songs. Very enjoyable!

Portugal | Kika - "I want you back"


Kika is a rising name in Portuguese music scene. After the success of her previous singles, she has now released a cover from The Jackson 5 hit "I want you back". Her version is turned the powerful song of the siblings into a beautiful and sweet pop.

Russia | Nuteki - "Yesli/No"


Nuteki is currently one of the biggest bands in Russia. They make a style of rock 'n' roll which, sometimes, sounds like Linkin Park. They've just released their new single. It's called "Yesli/No", and it's very intense and powerful, as most of their songs is.

Monday, August 05, 2013

The Charts Day #8 (part 2)


One Direction's "Best song ever" (which we featured some days ago) has invaded the charts around Europe: #2 in Ireland and Denmark; #3 in Italy; #5 in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands; #11 in Switzerland; #12 in Belgium; and #17 in Europe and Austria. But there is another song of them charting in the Czech Republic: "One way or another (Teenage kicks)" is, this week, #4 in the Czech chart.

The Charts Day #8 (part 1)


Inna is one of the biggest music names in Romania nowadays. With hits like "10 minutes", she conquered the charts all around the world. Now, her latest single, "More than friends", is currently at the top of the Spanish charts.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Ireland | Little Green Cars - "My love took me down to the river to silence me"


This long long title belongs to the third single by Little Green Cars, an indie rock band from Dublin that has released their debut album last year. "My love took me down to the river to silence me" is the perfect match of a marking voice and a calm rock song.

Croatia | Carla Belovari - "Bilo bi lako"


Carla Belovari is another singer to come from a reality show. She was fifth place in the first season of Hrvatska Traži Zvijezdu, the Croatian version of Idols. "Bilo bi lako" is her most recent single, and it's an extremely classy one. Her voice and the rhythm fit in total harmony, making it soothing for everyone's ears.

France | Alex Beaupain - "Après moi le déluge"


The French singer and composer Alex Beaupain has released his fifth album, "Après moi le déluge", this year. The first single, which gives the name for the album, is an energetic synth pop with a marking beat. Definitely the best way to start Sunday!

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Poland | Edyta Bartosiewicz - "Rozbitkowie"


Edyta Bartosiewicz, born in Warsaw in 1965, is a highly prized Polish artist, who has won five Fryderyks – a popular music award in Poland. "Rozbitkowie" is the first single from her upcoming album, "Renovatio", and is a catchy pop-rock ballad which displays all the vocal qualities Edyta has. Very enjoyable tune to end this week!

Netherlands | Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie - "This is what it feels like"


Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren released another amazing dance tune: "This is what it feels like". The track, which features the vocals of Canadian singer Trevor Guthrie, has charted everywhere around Europe, becoming one of the singles of this summer.

Sweden | Edda Magnason - "Sakta vi gå genom stan"


Edda Magnason is a musician, songwriter, music producer and actress from Ystad, Sweden. She is starring the movie "Monica Z", about the Swedish jazz singer Monica Zetterlund. From the movie soundtrack, Sounds European! presents "Sakta vi gå genom stan". Classy, as only jazz music is.

Norway | Jenny Langlo - "Mockingbirds"


Norwegian artist Jenny Langlo had a quite movemented life since she became the winner of the sixth season of Norwegian version of Idols. After the release of "Building an aeroplane" and "Million dollar sign", she presented "Mockingbirds", an intense indie pop track.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Germany | Cascada - "The world is in my hands"


After representing Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest with "Glorious", Cascada is back with a new track. The German dance group from Bonn has released the song "The world is in my hands", another great dance floor tune to add to this week's summer hits collection.

Italy | Chiara Galiazzo - "Vieni con me"


Chiara Galiazzo is the current champion of the Italian version of the reality show The X Factor. Chiara, born in Padova and about to become 27 years old, is releasing her fourth single. "Vieni con me" is a happy uptempo which displays her very unique voice.

Updated on June 5th, 2018, with the new stage name of the artist.

Denmark | Kristoffer Rahbek - "Junkie for love"


A new star is rising in Denmark. He is young and his style is very fresh, and that's exactly what he shows in his first track. After recording many covers, Kristoffer Rahbek has released "Junkie for love", his first single. The song is totally catchy, very uptempo and, definitely, ready to be a worldwide hit!

Spain | Second - "2502"


Second is a Spanish indie rock band created in the end of the '90s in Murcia. They are preparing their new album, "Montaña rusa", which is expected for next September. Even though it's still to be released, its first single is already out. "2502" is an amazing song, with a special and perfect mix of rhythm and voice. Extremely contagious.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Finland | SANNI - "Jos mä oon oikee"


SANNI is a new voice from Finland. Born in the city of Lohja in 1993, she is just starting her singing career. "Jos mä oon oikee" is only her secong single. It is a groovy pop ballad which shows a good voice potential and whose rhythm is very catchy.

Czech Republic | Charlie Straight feat. Markéta Irglová - "I sleep alone"


A fantastic combination of artists can only create a fantastic song. Indie pop and rock band Charlie Straight met Markéta Irglová and, together, they created the cheerful "I sleep alone", another amazing summer track. Let's start swinging our heads from left to right!

Spain | David DeMaría - "Cuando el río suena"


David DeMaría is a 37-year-old Spanish singer and composer from Jerez de la Frontera. He has sold more than one million albums in Spain, throughout more than 15 years of career. His most recent single is "Cuando el río suena", which follows the traditional Spanish romantic ballad style.

United Kingdom | David Bowie - "Valentine's day"


One of the biggest stars in music history, David Bowie, is back with a new track. "Valentine's day" is the fourth single of "The next day", his first CD in ten years. The song is a mixture of great rock sounds, David's unique voice and an atmosphere that will make you feel like in the '70s!