Sunday, June 30, 2013

Russia | Zara feat. Stas Mihailov - "Spyashchaya krasavitsa"


Some songs stick to our heads with less than one entire listening. It's the case of "Spyashchaya krasavitsa". This song, performed by Zara (Zarifa Pashaevna Mgoyan, Saint Petersburg, 1983) and Stas Mihailov (Stanislav Vladimirovich Mihailov, Sochi, 1969), has a rhythm that is very memorable and contagious. Surely, you'll quickly catch yourself into doing "la-la-las" together with its beats. Listen to it and meet a new guilty pleasure.

France | Destan - "Vole"


Here comes the summer track from France. Destan is a new hope for boybands in France, and they have just released their first track. "Vole" has a pumping beat, a very good combination of voices and that feeling of being in a beach drinking something in a big coconut. One to start the heat with!

Finland | Olavi Uusivirta feat. Pauliina Kokkonen - "Tuhat vuotta sitten"


Finnish is becoming one of our favorite languages used in songs. This time, it is giving a special flavor in "Tuhat vuotta sitten", a very nice ballad by Olavi Uusivirta (Helsinki, 1983) and Pauliina Kokkonen (Järvenpää, 1981). Their voices fit very nicely together, and the rhythm is very catchy. It's a song to fall in love with.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ireland | The Strypes - "Hometown girls"


Let's end the week with some good Irish rock. The Strypes have been playing around since 2008, but it wasn't until last year when they released their first EP and they started gaining popularity in Ireland. "Hometown girls" is an energetic track from the beggining to the end. It has that "oldie" feeling that looks so cool in rock songs, and is absolutely addictive!

Denmark | Astrid - "En gang til"


Astrid is a new voice coming from Denmark, and she is inviting you to dance. "En gang til" is a dancy pop which promises to make your body move while listening to it. Many Danish artists use English in their pop songs, but Astrid uses her native language, and it surely works well for the track.

Italy | Jovanotti - "Ti porto via con me"


It seems that the big Italian artists are releasing their new tracks all together. Now, it's turn of Jovanotti's "Ti porto via con me", a song that follows his style: an eclectic track with calm verses and a smashing chorus. And what an outfit he picked for the video!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Romania | Alina - "Tu esti vara mea"


Summer has just begun in Europe. It's time for a lot of uptempo and dancy tracks. "Tu esti vara mea" celebrates the season (the title means "You are my summer") with a song which is surely going to stick to your brain. The beats and the voice go great together with the Romanian language in Alina's voice. A perfect way to start sunny days positively!

United Kingdom | Chlöe Howl - "No strings"


All the way from the United Kingdom and with all her freckles comes Chlöe Howl. Her pop single "No strings" has everything to be the new worldwide hit: it is contagious from start to end, has a very catchy chorus and, most of all, has a very sexy video!

Sweden | Danny Saucedo - "Todo el mundo (Dancing in the streets)"


Daniel Gabriel Alessandro Saucedo Grzechowski is Danny Saucedo, a popular Swedish singer and songwriter who was born in Stockholm in 1986. Danny has just released a new song. "Todo el mundo (Dancing in the streets)" highlights his Latin roots – Danny's mother is Bolivian –, with parts of the track being sung in Spanish, and is filled with energy and positiveness. It's surely going to make you want to dance!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Denmark | The Mountains - "The mountains"


Here we have a brand new song from a brand new band. The Mountains come from Denmark with their first single, also called "The mountains". It's misterious and has an exotic epic feeling that keeps you listening from start to end.

Greece | Giorgos Mazonakis - "Kalos sas vrika"


Giorgos Mazonakis (Nikaia, 1972) is a Greek singer whose work is very successful in his country since the '90s, with more than 15 albums and countless hits released. He has just released "Kalos sas vrika", which is a very high quality single: his voice goes greatly with the very dancy and contagious beats, and the chorus completes it perfectly.

Ukraine | Mirra - "Uletela"


Let's meet Mirra Gold. She was born in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, and has studied music since a very early age. She's been part of the jazz ensemble Jazz-liceum, and has already released an English album called "Memories of love" in 2009. Now, she has just released the deep and melancholic "Uletela", which shows all the sweetness of her voice.

Updated on December 6th, 2016, with the new stage name of the artist.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

United Kingdom | The Wanted - "Walks like Rihanna"


After dancing pogo in the shoes of Kylie Minogue and moving like Jagger, it's time to walk like Rihanna! The British boyband The Wanted has recently released their new single "Walks like Rihanna". It is a very catchy track, with great rhythm, and a very funny clip, which makes fun of classic boyband videos, such as "I want it that way" and "Bye bye bye".

Romania | Inna - "Tu şi eu"


Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu. Yes, that's Inna's full name. She's one of the biggest names of Romanian music scene, releasing several singles (alone and as a featured artist) and hitting the charts of many rankings worldwide. "Tu şi eu" is one of her few songs in Romanian, and it follows the electronic style that granted all her recognition.

Norway | Alfred Hall - "Lose that gun"


Alfred Hall is a Norwegian indie pop duo, formed by Thomas Kiær and Bjørn Tveit. Even with a just-beginning career, they are already producing good impressions in the public, and receiving good reviews about their work. "Lose that gun" is their latest single. It is very catchy, and the video is quite fun. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Greece | Mironas Stratis - "Den kollao"


Pop-rock in Greek language is what defines the music of Mironas Stratis (or Myron Stratis). He started studying piano in the National Conservatory at the age of 7, and has been heavily involved in the music world since then. "Den kollao", a contagious track, is his latest single.

Poland | Sylwia Grzeszczak - "Pożyczony"


Sylwia Grzeszczak is one of the biggest names of current Polish music. "Pożyczony" is the second single from her third album, "Komponując siebie", which was recently released. It presents everything which has brought Sylwia to the spotlights: vibration, a very nice piano background and a very nice voice.

Spain | Vanesa Martín - "Ropa desordenada"


"Ropa desordenada" is the newest single from Spanish singer Vanesa Martín, and it has everything you want from Spain: a rock tune mixed with dramatic lyrics and a sort Spanish flavour in her powerful voice. Definitely one to check!

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Charts Day #2 (part 2)


Continuing with The Charts Day, we move on to Spain. Mika is approaching the top with "Live your life", a song that follows his style from the beggining to the end: catchy melodies, a calm verse and an explosion of happiness and sound in the chorus. The song is partly sung in Spanish, and that's probably one of the reasons why it's successful in the country.

The Charts Day #2 (part 1)


It's Monday, and this means it's The Charts Day here on Sounds European!, the day we get to know songs that are going well in the charts around the continent. Now, we'll go for P!nk, who is leading the charts in the Czech Republic, with "Just give me a reason".

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Czech Republic | Tommy Indian - "Slow slow slow"


Not only the song is brand new: the band too! Tommy Indian has just appeared among many other names in the Czech Song Writing Competition 2013, with their first single "Slow slow slow". The song respects its title: it's a slow-paced downtempo rock which sounds very modern and soothing. Czech Republic seems to have found a great band for the future (and, of course, the present).

Italy | Eros Ramazzotti feat. Nicole Scherzinger - "Fino all'estasi"


One cannot make a mistake when listening to his music: just one word, and you already know that's Eros Ramazzotti (Rome, 1963) singing. His distinct voice and charming style was now paired with the beauty of American singer Nicole Scherzinger in a wonderful, direct and lovely track: the bilingual "Fino all'estasi" (or "Hasta el éxtasis", in its Spanish version).

Greece | Natasa Theodoridou - "Tha'rtho na se do"


Natasa Theodoridou (Thessaloniki, 1970) is considered one of the biggest names of the music scene in Greece. No other female singer in the country has ever managed to achieve platinum with their three first albums (and Natasa went even further, reaching it in her five first ones). "Tha'rtho na se do" is a single from her 12th studio album, "Apenanti", and is a great explanation for her huge success: an intense song, showing all the depth her voice can get. Amazing tune.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ireland | Kodaline - "A love like this"


Ah, is there a way to resist an Irish band when they go folkish? Kodaline are an alternative rock band that included a harmonica and some country sounds in their single "Love like this". The outcome is a sweet, relaxing song with lyrics that seem to be lovable, but actually tell the sad story of a break up.

Iceland | Magasín - "Klesstann"


"Look at me and tell me truth: what do you do when people don't know what we go through?"... To this philosophical question made by Double Take, the group Magasín has an answer: an Icelandic version of the freaky hit "Hot problems". It's, let's say, unique to listen to it in another language.

Lithuania | Colours Of Bubbles - "My little Sue"


Colours Of Bubbles are a Lithuanian band that released only one EP, but gained a lot of attention from the public, winning the ŠAMA award in 2011 as the Best Rock Band. Their single "My little Sue" shows why some music critics in their country call them "the future of Lithuanian indie music".

Friday, June 21, 2013

Armenia | Sirusho - "PreGomesh"


Sirusho (Yerevan, 1987) is one of the most prominent names in the Armenian pop scene. She appeared to Europe during the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, when her "Qélé, qélé" became the best result of Armenia in the history of the festival. With "PreGomesh", she offers you the same mix of dance pop with traditional Armenian elements.

Malta | Airport Impressions - "Walk with me"


Airport Impressions come all the way from Malta to show their alternative rock music and prove why they are considered one of the top live acts in their homeland. The alternative sound is very well explored in the amazing song "Walk with me".

Azerbaijan | Emin - "Heart keeps beating"


Azerbaijan is a country with PhD in making pop which you fall in love at first listening. Usually, their songs start smooth, calm, as if they won't harm you, and then boom! They explode into an intense bridge and chorus which capture your heart and soul and trap you into a new musical addiction. That's exactly what Emin, born in Baku in 1979, offers with "Heart keeps beating".

Thursday, June 20, 2013

North Macedonia | Foltin - "120 (Vezilka)"


Foltin is one of the biggest Macedonian bands. Their music is a mix of various genres, that go from funk to bossa nova. "120 (Vezilka)" is a song that shows this mix: an electronic base with a soothing voice that leads you throughout the song, making it very easy to listen.

Belarus | Alexander Rybak - "Leave me alone"


Alexander Igoryevich Rybak is a singer, violinist, composer and pianist who was born in Minsk, Belarus, in 1986, and adopted Norway as his second land. Rybak is also known as the record breaker of Eurovision history, with his epical "Fairytale". We now highlight his recently released single "Leave me alone", which is absolutely addictive!

Croatia | Nina Badrić - "Dat će nam Bog"


Nina Badrić is one of the most popular Croatian singers, not only in her country but also in the Balkans. She has released seven albums so far, and even represented Croatia in the Eurovision Song Contest with "Nebo". Here you have a sample of a beautiful pop song of hers, "Dat će nam Bog".

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Belgium | Skylight - "Colour of the night"


Skylight is a new Belgium band which has everything to rise as an important name in the music industry of their region. They produce a very fresh kind of rock, as the best new bands in the world are releasing: intense, but not offensive. Their single "Colour of the night" illustrates well what this means.

Hungary | The Trousers - "I get around"


Garage rock from Hungary. This is not something you see every day, huh? And it's so addictive! The Trousers released their new album, "Freakbeat", this year, and "I get around" is the first single taken out from it. It just gets you from start to end!

Latvia | Jenny May - "Es gribu vēl mīlēt"


An uptempo pop, with fresh and summerish feelings all over it. That's what you'll find with Jenny May (Dobele, 1984) and her "Es gribu vēl mīlēt", which was a huge success in Latvia. If you enjoy songs that make you automatically dance, even when you don't notice it, this one deserves your attention.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Switzerland | Anna Rossinelli - "Let it go"


Here is another girl that took part in Eurovision and went on producing great music. Anna Rossinelli was the Swiss representant in 2011 with "In love for a while", and after the contest she released two CDs. Her latest single is "Let it go", a pop song with a strong melody and those cutie claps that, let's admit, we all love!

Portugal | Denis - "It's killing me"


Denis Filipe was the winner of the first season of A Voz de Portugal, the Portuguese edition of the TV show The Voice. One year and a half after the end of the contest, he is releasing a new single, "It's killing me", which was written and composed by himself. A high-quality and stylish song.

Updated on February 11th, 2016, with the official video.

Netherlands | Thomas Puskailer - "Make believe"


During his life, Thomas Puskailer has been all around Europe. He was born in the Netherlands and lived in Germany before settling down in Slovakia. It was 2009 when he took part in Czech Slovak Superstar and his career exploded. His latest single is "Make believe", a powerful and catchy song to start Tuesday with!

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Charts Day #1 (part 2)


Continuing with our first The Charts Day, let's check a single which is in the top place in Denmark, France and Italy, besides having reached the highest spot in other countries in previous weeks: "Get lucky", by Daft Punk feat. (him again!) Pharrell Williams.

The Charts Day #1 (part 1)


From today on, on Mondays, Sounds European! will have The Charts Day. It'll be a day dedicated to show what songs are hitting the top positions in charts around Europe.

To start this new section of SE!, let's check a track which is currently first place in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland and United Kingdom: "Blurred lines", by Robin Thicke feat. T.I. and Pharrell.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Albania | Elhaida Dani - "When love calls your name"


The first season of the reality show The Voice of Italy has ended not long ago. And, after all, the victory didn't end with an Italian: the Albanian Elhaida Dani was the one to win the competition. Let's enjoy her very talanted voice, in the single "When love calls your name".

Bulgaria | Macrophone - "Numbers"


Macrophone was formed in 2006 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It took them four years to release their first album, called "Contract for a contact", which includes "Numbers", a sample of the British rock that influences the band.

Poland | MoMo - "Od dzisiaj"


MoMo is a group which was originated in the capital of Poland, Warsaw, in 2011. They describe their style as "eclectic-romantic electropop, with anti-commercial elements". To understand what this can sound like, there's nothing better than listening to their newest single, "Od dzisiaj".

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Czech Republic | Skyline - "Staying alive"


Even when it must be very new for us, Skyline is not a new name in the Czech Republic. The band was formed in 1997 and has released five albums so far. They play a mix of electronic, pop and rock, all of what can be very well appreciated in "Staying alive", their latest single.

Slovenia | IN&OUT - "Od višine se zvrti"


Reality shows are producing several new names to the music industry everywhere. The Slovene version of The X Factor has had only one season, but has introduced many talented artists. Among them, the boyband IN&OUT. One of the songs they presented during the reality show, which has later become their single, was "Od višine se zvrti" – a national classic, originally performed by the band Martin Krpan and then also covered by Siddharta, currently the most successful Slovenian band.

Austria | Zweitfrau - "Intensiv"


When we are looking for strong songs to sooth our mood, the deep and saddening "Intensiv" can give us the answer. It's the biggest hit of the Austrian band Zweitfrau, which earned them an Austrian Newcomer Award in January 2008.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Maja Nurkich - "Carry on"


Some songs, when they are discovered by us, are so unique, that we can't really guess their country of origin. "Carry on" is one of these cases: it sounds very different from what is usual to come from the Balkans. And, even out of her regional traditions, Maja Nurkich delivers an amazing work. She is extremely talented, and this single proves it well.

Poland | Ukeje - "Bezkrolewie"


After his victory in The Voice of Poland in 2011, Ukeje signed to Universal Music Poland and released his first album, "Ukeje", in 2013. His first single is "Bezkrolewie", a powerful rock song that was a big hit in his home country.

Germany | Sportfreunde Stiller - "Applaus, applaus"


Sportfreunde Stiller is a very traditional German rock band. They've just released their sixth album, named "New York, Rio, Rosenheim". The first single of their new CD is called "Applaus, applaus", and it sounds a lot like some R.E.M. songs. For the fans of the style, this is a must-listen.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Netherlands | Caro Emerald - "Liquid lunch"


Dutch singer Caro Emerald rose to fame in 2009, when her hit single "Back it up" was played all around Europe. She came back with her jazzy tunes this year, and "Liquid lunch" is the second single from her album "The shocking Miss Emerald". A classy end of Thursday!

Finland | Doom Unit - "Get away"


It's impossible to talk about Finnish music for too long without mentioning at least one rock band. Doom Unit is a band originated in Tampere, which got famous after winning a radio competition in Finland. They are producing their third album, to be released in the second semester, but a new single has just been released. It's called "Get away", and it's very powerful.

Turkey | Emre Aydın - "Git"


Turkish rock scene is one of the most popular in Europe, and prove of that is the success reached by the singer Emre Aydın. He was the winner of the award for Europe's Favourite Act in the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards, partly thanks to his hit "Git", a calm pop-rock song featured in his 2006 album "Afili yalnızlık".

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

United Kingdom | Bo Bruce - "Save me"


Some people say she sounds like Alanis; others, Avril Lavigne. But the only thing that matters is: she sounds great! Bo Bruce was the runner-up of The Voice UK in 2012. Now, she is releasing her first single, the touching "Save me". Extremely enjoyable!

Hungary | Gigi Radics - "Over you"


If you are all into deep, melancholic ballads, then Gigi Radics' "Over you" is a must for your playlist. This is the song that she tried to have representing her country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 (losing in A Dal to ByeAlex's "Kedvesem"). You can also enjoy the Hungarian version of the song, "Úgy fáj".

Italy | Davide Merlini - "100000 parole d'amore"


Davide Merlini, singer born in Marostica in 1992, was only third place in the latest Italian edition of The X Factor. But the single he released during the show, "100000 parole d'amore", was surely worth first. It's a beautiful pop ballad, filled with emotions, as only Italians can do.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Russia | Slava - "Odinochestvo"


Slava is a Russian singer whose very characteristic voice is one of our favorite in the continent. In "Odinochestvo", she shows all of its power, plus her huge ability of communicating deep emotions through it. A very intense pop, which has everything to touch your heart and ears.

Switzerland | Beatrice Egli - "Mein herz"


Beatrice Egli (Pfäffikon, 1988) is a Swiss singer who rose to prominence after winning the tenth season of the German version of Idols. Currently, she is in the top positions of Swiss, German and Austrian charts with "Mein herz", a great schlager track. It is extremely catchy, and it has one of the best choruses we have ever encountered. A masterpiece of the genre!

Updated on February 21st, 2016, with the official video.

United Kingdom | Gabrielle Aplin - "Home"


It's almost impossible to get any more "brand new" than this. The British singer Gabrielle Aplin has just released the fourth single of her first album, "English rain". The video for the song "Home" was released only two days ago. So take the chance and be one of its first viewers!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Germany | Luca Vasta - "Cut my hair"


Luca Vasta is not a new name to German people. She has presented her own TV show, hosted others on German channel VIVA and even served as the jury for German reality show "Dein Song". Now, she launched her musical career with "Cut my hair", an indie pop song with a contagious and fresh melody.

Estonia | Ewert and The Two Dragons - "Good man down"


Ewert and The Two Dragons scored a massive hit in 2011 with their folkie "Good man down". It turned out to be the Hit of the Year in Estonia, and was given several awards, including the European Boarder Breakers Award in 2012. A perfect tune to sit down and relax.

Georgia | Katie Melua - "The flood"


Katie Melua sings a mixture of pop, indie and folk. She was born in Georgia, but developed her career in the United Kingdom. "The flood" is the first single taken from her second last album, "The house", a soulful and deep song that shows all the power of Katie's voice.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Denmark | Wasteland - "40000 feet off the ground"


Despite ending in the third place in the sixth edition of the Danish version of The X Factor, the boyband Wasteland is growing in their home country. Their guitar-based ballad "40000 feet off the ground" is a very melodic song with optimistic lyrics. Let's all sing along!

Finland | Mikko Pohjola - "Kuuluuko, kuuntelen"


Marking beats, a chorus with intense rhythm, and a deep instrumental work which makes it all extremely involving and catchy. "Kuuluuko, kuuntelen" is one of those songs which exemplify why some tracks should be kept in their native language: Finnish sounds perfectly fit to all the sounds of it.

Portugal | Filipe Pinto - "Insónia"


It was 2010 when Filipe Pinto won the third edition of Ídolos (the Portuguese version of Idols). But we had to wait until 2012 for "Cerne", his first CD to be released. The first single is "Insónia", a very relaxing ballad to start Sunday in Sounds European!.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

United Kingdom | Olly Murs - "Dear darlin'"


After being the runner-up in the sixth season of the British The X Factor, Olly Murs grew to be one of the current biggest stars of music in the United Kingdom. His new single, "Dear darlin'", is the third one coming from his third album, "Right place right time".

Romania | Sore - "Different"


A very groovy rhythm has come from Romania. Sore is a young singer and actress from Bucharest who launched her solo career in 2011. "Different" honours its name: a very unique and catchy song, easy to listen and with sticky lyrics to complete a powerful combo.

Netherlands | Jacco Gardner - "Chameleon"


"Chameleon" is another great song which comes to us from the Netherlands. Jacco Gardner's song sounds a lot like many classics from The Beatles. It has great rhythm, and the soothing voice fits perfectly the instrumentation. A great song to start the weekend positively!

Friday, June 07, 2013

Austria | The Philharmonics - "Hora di Mars (The clock)"


Classic music is also present in Sounds European! Four members of Vienna Philharmonic, one from Berlin Philharmonic and two very talented brothers form The Philharmonics, an Austrian band that has just released their song "Hora di Mars (The clock)", a very entertaining instrumental piece.

Norway | Ingrid Olava - "Jackie Kennedy"


Norwegian indie-pop singer Ingrid Olava is back with a new single. "Jackie Kennedy" is a brit-influenced song which has a very sweet video. If you like a voice that captures you from the first listen, then this is your song.

Ukraine | Ani Lorak - "Zazhyhay̆ serdtse"


Ani Lorak is one of the most important names in the Ukrainian music scene. Born Karolina Myroslavivna Kuiek (Kitsman, 1978), she is a huge star in her country and region. And her latest single, "Zazhyhay̆ serdtse", is one of many songs which proves why: it has power and intensity from first to last second. With Ani, there's no mistake... it's pressing play and enjoying!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Germany | Frida Gold - "Liebe ist meine rebellion"


Frida Gold has just released another single, and it is as contagious as their previous ones. The first single from their second album, "Liebe ist meine rebellion", includes some English phrases and a "na-na-na" that will stick in your brain for the rest of the day.

France | Sidoine - "On ne vit qu'une fois"


Star Academy has introduced many great names to the French music industry. Among them, Jenifer, Nolwenn Leroy and the late Grégory Lemarchal. One of the singers presented on its latest season is Sidoine, who has just released a brand-new single. "On ne vit qu'une fois" is extremely catchy and fun.

Updated on September 3rd, 2013, with the official video.

Serbia | Neverne Bebe - "Kuća za spas"


Neverne Bebe is a band which offers a very unusual kind of sound for current pop. Smooth sounds, with a cello used as the base for its songs. In "Kuća za spas", this proposal is very clear. The song is very soothing, and the voices are amazing.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Finland | Krista Siegfrids - "Amen!"


After her participation in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, with "Marry me", Krista Siegfrids is back with a new single. "Amen!" keeps the same kind of pop shown on her previous song, which many people say it's an American way of making pop. Listen to it and agree (or not!) with this affirmation.

Belgium | Paulien Mathues - "There's some place I've got to be"


Paulien Mathues is the most recent winner of The Voice of Flanders, from Belgium. "There's some place I've got to be", which was firstly presented during the competition, is a great sample of her talent as a singer. Listen to it and understand why she won the show.

Updated on September 4th, 2016, with the official audio video.

Ireland | Pat Byrne - "End of the world"


Pat Byrne was the winner of the first season of The Voice of Ireland, where he was coached by another Irish pop-rock artist, Bressie. The influence of his menthor is easy to find in "End of the world", the first single from his first album, "All or nothing".

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Greece | Vera Boufi - "Domatio 22"


Greek singer Vera Boufi, who was born in Athens in 1988, started her career opening shows for the big star Anna Vissi. Her first single was released in 2008 and, since then, her popularity has increased. She was part of the very successful show "Face 2 face", together with Vissi and Sakis Rouvas. One of her best singles is "Domatio 22", a very strong pop-rock, which shows all her singing capacity.

Netherlands | Janne Schra - "Speak up"


After being around some bands in her native Netherlands, Janne Schra stablished her solo career in 2012. "Speak up" is an intimate and minimalistic ballad, and is also the first track of her first album, "Janne Schra".

Sweden | Icona Pop - "Girlfriend"


After the worldwide hit "I love it", Icona Pop is back with a new song. The Swedish DJ duo, formed by Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, is releasing "Girlfriend", a single which will hardly reach the same impact of the previous one, but also has qualities to produce great response throughout the world.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Slovakia | Katarína Knechtová - "Isabel"


Katarína Knechtová is a well stablished artist in Slovakia. She was part of the band Peha until 2008, when she launched her solo career. "Isabel" is the soundtrack of the homonym Slovak movie, which was premiered last May.

Norway | Eva & The Heartmaker - "Joanna"


The duo Eva & The Heartmaker is formed by Eva Weel Skram and her husband Thomas Stenersen. They are one of the current biggest names of Norwegian music. And their last single, "Joanna", shows the reason for it: the song is extremely appealing, and Eva's sweet voice makes it even better, creating a very cute song.

France | Jenifer - "Poupée de cire, poupée de son"


It's recent, but it's oldie! France Gall won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965 with the sweet and catchy "Poupée de cire, poupée de son". Almost fifty years later, French pop singer Jenifer did a new version of the song. Classy and still fresh!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Italy | Nek feat. Sergio Dalma - "La mitad de nada"


Two big names of Latin music are united in a brand-new song: "La mitad de nada" is performed by Nek (stage name of Filippo Neviani, Italian musician and singer who was born in Sassuolo in 1972) and Sergio Dalma (Spanish star who was born in Sabadell in 1964). This track brings exactly what you can expect from a duo between an artist from Italy and another from Spain – intensity from the first to the last second of it.

Norway | Alida - "Feathers"


Norway is bringing a very interesting new name to pop music. Alida describes herself as an indie-electro pop music singer, inspired by artists such as Imogen Heap, Local Natives, Daughter, Bon Iver and Feist. Her single "Feathers" is a clear example of her potential: an amazing song, with catchy chorus.

Sweden | Loreen - "We got the power"


The winner of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest is back with a new single. "We got the power" keeps some of the mistery in "Euphoria", and is included in Loreen's "Heal (Edition 2013)" album. It is also the first single for her upcoming second studio album.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Hungary | Hien - "Who matters"


Hien is a Hungarian singer who was part of the TV reality show Megasztár. She didn't win the competition, but her career has only grown since then. Her second-last single, "Who matters", is one of her biggest hits, and brings a style of pop which was very common during the '90s.

United Kingdom | Diana Vickers - "Cinderella"


Former The X Factor participant Diana Vickers is back on track! "Cinderella" is what she does the best: an energetic pop track combinated with catchy lyrics and her peculiar accent. Even when the single will be released on July 21st, we can already enjoy the video!

Spain | La Musicalité - "Última noche en la Tierra"


La Musicalité is a band which was created in the Spanish city of Mallorca, in the end of the '90s. "Última noche en la Tierra" is the first single of their fourth and most recent album, "Significado", released in 2012. The track has a feeling of Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a prayer" in it.

High-quality rock song.

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