Monday, July 11, 2016

10 Questions For: Wincent Weiss


European music scene is always presenting us many new names. Among them, some seem to dazzle us much more since their first songs. Today, Sounds European! is having the pleasure to talk to one of these young talents, who has everything to become a top name in Germany. These are our 10 questions for Wincent Weiss:

Sounds European!: We like to start our interviews getting to know a bit of the artist's music background. So, what artists did you like to listen when you were growing up? And who are your current idols in music? Do you feel any of them is kind of an influence for your own work?

Wincent Weiss: I was listening to Boyce Avenue on YouTube. They are the reason I started making music. I sold my PlayStation and, with that money, I bought a guitar. I studied a lot of YouTube tutorials on how to the play the instrument and recorded some cover songs. So thank you, Boyce Avenue, for showing me the way to music.
But I also listened to a lot of metal acts. With a friend of mine, I was singing metal songs in my bedroom – he was doing the screamo­ parts; I, the clean ­parts. Today, big German artists are truly an inspiration. I like Andreas Bourani and Mark Forster. But Teesy from Berlin is my favorite German singer.

SE!: You were a late bloomer with music. At what age did you start experimenting with it?

WW: I started at the age of 17. I know it's a little late. But before that, I didn't even know that my voice sounded okay. :)

SE!: You started coming to prominence after the release of "Unter meiner haut", song you released along with DJ Gestört aber GeiL and producer Koby Funk. How did this project appear in your life? How did you feel about the great repercussion of the song with the public? And do you think it was a turning point in your career?

WW: Sure, it was! "Unter meiner haut" is a song by a friend of mine – Elif from Berlin. After I attended her concert in Munich, I decided to make an acoustic cover of it for YouTube – because I think the song is great. Months later, Koby Funk took the audio from YouTube and made the remix. Gestört aber GeiL heard it, played it at a big festival and a year later the song was in Germany's top ten. And I heard my voice on the radio for the first time. Still unbelievable for me.

SE!: Your first solo singles are absolutely outstanding. "Regenbogen" was in our site's list of best European songs of 2015, and "Musik sein" will surely be in 2016. How do you see these songs? Into what genres would you classify your music? How would you like people to perceive your work when listening to it?

WW: Wow, thank you very much. :) I hope that people can relate to the words I'm singing – and believe in what I'm singing. "Musik sein" is a love song about music. It says that every special moment – sad or good – should have its own soundtrack. And I hope that my songs can be the soundtrack to someone's special moment someday.

SE!: Two singles can show your quality as an artist, as they do, but they surely can't present all the music range you intend to explore. What else are you planning to try with your music? What can we still expect from you, musically speaking?

WW: It will be a lot more personal. The lyrics on my album will tell stories about my family, my friends, relationships and some other very deep things from my past. And I think that the sound of some tracks will be a little different and surprising.

"I hope that my songs can be the soundtrack to someone's special moment someday"

SE!: As we see it, music in Germany has a friendly environment for rap and rock, while pop sometimes struggles to get its space in the spotlight. Do you agree with this? How do you see the pop scene into the German music market? What are the challenges of an artist who tries to work with pop in your country?

WW: The market for German rap music is very big – and the fanbases are very strong. For some people, "pop" music is a bad word. But we have so many talented people around, making great and cool pop music. Here, the market for pop music is different – compared to other countries. Sure with differences: it's so much about the lyrics here – what I appreciate very much. People like to listen to your story. And they have to believe every word you sing.

SE!: Besides singing, you have also worked as a model. Do you intend to keep both professions, or will you now focus only on music?

WW: Music is my first love. :­)

SE!: What are your professional projects for the near future? What can your fans expect?

WW: I finished my album a few days ago. I think it will be released in the next months. And I will play a lot of shows with my band now. We have just started playing our first gigs. It's so much fun, to show the new songs to the audience and see their reactions. Hopefully, I can start my own tour very soon.

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some German and international artists you'd like to collaborate with?

WW: I would like to sing a song with Sarah Connor. I love her voice and she's kind of a celebrity crush for me. She changed her songs from English to German a year ago. Since then, people love her even more. Me too. :­)

SE!: We would like to post a song to close this interview. What is your favorite song, and why?

WW: "Numb" by Linkin Park. It's the first song I've ever sung. And Linkin Park has been my favorite band for years.

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