Monday, August 31, 2015

The Charts Day #106 (part 2)


Belgian electronic act Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike gathered with American rapper Ne-Yo for a smashing hit. "Higher place" is still #1 in Belgium!

The Charts Day #106 (part 1)


Rachel Platten is an American singer who is having a very big success in the United Kingdom. Her latest song "Fight song" is the #1 single overseas!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Denmark | Christopher - "Tulips"


Young Danish pop star Christopher has another song becoming a hit in his lands. "Tulips" is a great pop track which reminds some of the best American male pop tracks of recent decades. Quite entertaining!

Netherlands | DI-RECT - "Move on"


DI-RECT are a rock band formed in the city of The Hague, in the Netherlands, in 1999. We featured them some time ago, when they gave the vocals to Fedde Le Grand's "Where we belong", and now it's time to show their most recent work. "Move on" is a deep and intense rock track.

France | Nadav Guedj - "Good vibes"


French-born Israeli golden boy Nadav Guedj is back after his very marking Eurovision Song Contest performance in Vienna. He is releasing "Good vibes", which shows the groove remains, and it's going to be a great trend on his discography.

Sweden | Måns Zelmerlöw - "Should've gone home"


This year's Eurovision winner Måns Zelmerlöw is literally on fire! He's touring around Europe promoting his latest album, "Perfectly damaged", and he still found time to release the lyrics video for his new single. "Should've gone home" is a more relaxed kind of pop, retaining his master delivery of power in his vocal performance.

Updated on September 17th, 2015, with the official video.

Czech Republic | Mandrage - "Brouci"


The Czech band Mandrage is becoming a recurring name on Sounds European!. We now remeet them with their new single "Brouci". It's such an entertaining track: fun mix of melody and voices, with great instrumentals leading the song.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Romania | Delia feat. Carla's Dreams - "Da, mama"


Romanian singer Delia returns to Sounds European! with a fantastic new single, featuring Carla's Dreams, from Moldova. In "Da, mama", they go for a more atmospheric, intense and dark kind of pop, always keeping that unmistakeable class. The explosive chorus, the power of the whole song, Delia's talent... it all combines to make it the song of the week!

Belgium | Natalia - "Smoking gun"


New single by the Belgian singer Natalia means new hit arriving. And "Smoking gun" is no exception to it. Even though we feel it's a bit different from her latest releases, it doesn't mean it is a bad thing: we like the genres she is exploring, as she always goes high level in any one she tries. It's a totally captivating song, with a very catchy chorus.

Hungary | Kállay Saunders Band - "Young"


Hungarian group Kállay Saunders Band is back with another mindblowing track! After the amazing "Victory", they released "Young", an equally enticing rock song with a powerful chorus and an energetic melody!

Greece | Demy - "Emeis"


Slashingly amazing new single coming from Greece! "Emeis", by Demy, is ready to win your heart and body. Its melody and beats are totally inviting to dance. Add Demy's great voice to this equation, and you're getting yourself an addictive result!

Lithuania | Donatas Blanka - "Ašaros"


Hailing from Kuršėnai, in the Northern part of Lithuania, Donatas Blanka has just released a fantastic single. We're talking about "Ašaros", a ver modern and captivating pop with an explosive chorus and a fantastic vocal display by Donatas.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Finland | Isac Elliot feat. Tyga - "Lipstick"


Finnish star Isac Elliot is back to Sounds European! with his new song. "Lipstick", which features the American rapper Tyga, is a very groovy song, with a quite mature performance by the 14-year-old singer. The single's melody is involving and contagious.

Updated on October 2nd, 2015, with the official video.

Belgium | Aurélie - "Meisje met de parel"


Aurélie Van Rompay goes Aurélie for her artistic career. Born in the city of Wommelgem in 1995, the young singer tried her luck at the Flemish version of The Voice last year but didn't make it to the finals. She is now launching her music career with a very relaxing and calm single: "Meisje met de parel" is a lovely track to lay down and enjoy!

Germany | Antonis Remos - "Lene"


German-born singer Antonis Remos is hitting the Greek charts with an amazing new song. "Lene" is a great mix of the best you can find in music from Greece with pop-rock. It goes great together, and we surely love the result!

Estonia | Birgit - "Alles sügisel mõtleme"


Estonian sweetheart Birgit has released a new single. "Alles sügisel mõtleme" is a happy, fresh pop song with a sort of oldie feeling which will surely melt in your ears!

Russia | Kristy Krylova - "Ne zhelayu..."


Kristy (born Kristina) Krylova is a Russian singer who was born and raised in Moscow. She has just released the very cool pop track "Ne zhelayu...". It's a well-paced midtempo whose unique melody is filled with great and unexpected changes. Her beautiful voice is displayed in a very special way.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Germany | Namika - "Lieblingsmensch"


Born in Frankfurt to Moroccan roots, Namika is a German singer who will conquer you with a very relaxing pop track. "Lieblingsmensch", which became one of the most successful tracks of the summer in Germany, is a very cute song: an involving and delicate instrumentation and a very cool groove will make you fall for it!

Belgium | Stan Van Samang - "Summerbreeze"


We once again remeet the Belgian singer and musician Stan Van Samang. And he has just released another great single: "Summerbreeze" is a light uptempo which will, exactly as a summer breeze, freshen up your day. It's a delightful song!

Spain | Dvicio feat. Leslie Grace - "Nada"


Spanish band Dvicio returns to our site, and this time they are not alone. For their latest single, "Nada", they invited American singer Leslie Grace, and the duet couldn't get better: a romantic and heartbreaking ballad completed with an exquisite instrumentation and a perfect vocal performance.

Updated on October 24th, 2015, with the official video.

Finland | Roope Salminen & Koirat feat. Ida Paul - "Madafakin darra"


Time to get to know a song which is becoming a hit in Finnish radios. "Madafakin darra" is a single by hip-hop group Roope Salminen & Koirat, from Helsinki, and singer Ida Maria Paul, from Ekenäs. It's a very entertaining song which invites you to dance from first to last second.

Lithuania | Monika Linkytė - "Aitvarai"


Lithuanian singer Monika Linkytė is becoming one of the most promising artists in the Baltic country. Her new single is as fantastic as mysterious: "Aitvarai" creates a fantastic atmosphere with a calm and dark melody and Monika's lovely voice.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Iceland | Dikta - "We'll meet again"


Dikta is one of our favorite names from the Icelandic music scene. And singles like "We'll meet again" show why. It's top-quality material: rock at its best, with growing melody to a catchy and effective chorus. The vocals are a great wrapping for the song. We love it!

Russia | Roza Mazhonts - "Begi"


Russian singer Roza Mazhonts was already featured on Sounds European! last week with the amazing "Ya ne veryu". Now, it's time to check her most recent single. "Begi" is a perfect sample of why Russian pop is so different and so good: a catchy melody, a soft voice and a flowing instrumentation makes the song just fantastic!

Updated on November 7th, 2015, with the official video.

Lithuania | HIT - "Šiandien gyvenu"


Brand new girlband coming from Lithuania: meet HIT, formed by Gabija Lokytė, Miglė Šidlauskaitė and Vilma Vainauskaitė. Their first single, entitled "Šiandien gyvenu", shows the girls came to rock it all out. What a first impression they are leaving: the song is great and totally contagious!

United Kingdom | Frank Turner - "The next storm"


Frank Turner is an English folk rock musician from Meonstoke, Hampshire. He released his sixth studio album, "Positive songs for negative people", this year, and here is one of the singles to emerge from it: "The next storm" is a very potent and typically British rock. Simply amazing!

Hungary | Kati Wolf - "Utazás"


Kati Wolf is a Hungarian singer who was born in 1974 in Szentendre. She is internationally known for having taken part of Eurovision Song Contest in 2011, with the fans' favorite "What about my dreams?". She has just released a new single, entitled "Utazás". It's a very cool song, with great melody and the amazing vocal performance we are used to get from her.

Updated on December 13th, 2015, with the official video.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ukraine | Graal - "Bla bla bla"


It is already very hard to resist the charm of a Ukrainian lady singing pop, imagine to resist the power of three! Graal is a group formed in Kiev, and their sound couldn't get catchier: "Bla bla bla", their latest single, is a contagious and very uplifting pop.

Estonia | Elina Born - "Kilimanjaro"


Light and upwards songs are very common in this time of the year: it has something to do with the European summer season. But few of these tracks can count with a very talented voice, as "Kilimanjaro" can. Estonian singer Elina Born, who had a very marking participation on this year's Eurovision, makes this song even better than it could be.

Ireland | Shane Filan - "Me and the Moon"


Irish singer Shane Filan is soon releasing a new album, which will be called "Right here". He is already giving us a spoiler of what we can expect, and we couldn't be more excited for it! "Me and the Moon", the first single of this new release, is a super sweet and delicate ballad.

Finland | Sima - "Mul on ikävä"


Sounds European! had its first contact with the Finnish duo Sima last year, with "Tää on rakkautta", song they recorded together with Neon 2. Now, we remeet them on their own. Their single "Mul on ikävä" is a very involving ballad. It has an intense and captivating melody!

Lithuania | Vaidas Baumila - "Nauja diena"


Lithuanian singer Vaidas Baumila keeps rocking it! His latest release is the very cool "Nauja diena", and it goes along a very energetic video clip. No way you'll stay quiet after seeing this one!

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Charts Day #105 (part 2)


American superstar Ricky Martin finally makes it to Sounds European!! He is slowly climbing positions on the charts of Spain with his latest hit: "La mordidita", in which he features Cuban singer Yotuel, is this week's #3!

The Charts Day #105 (part 1)


Swedish sweetheart Zara Larsson nailed it again! Her latest single, "Lush life", is currently on the highest part of the lists in Scandinavia: #6 in Denmark, #2 in Norway and #1 in Sweden!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

France | Emji - "Dur dur"


French singer Emji went from singing in the French subway to becoming the winner of the 11th editon of Nouvelle Star, the French Idols, earlier this year. She oozes talent, and her delicate voice does not pass unnoticed in any of the songs she touches. That's what happens with "Dur dur", her latest single: a catchy, classy and lovely track accompanied by a very funny and entertaining video.

Czech Republic | Ewa Farna - "Rutyna"


When Ewa Farna releases a new single, we instantly expect a new great song. And "Rutyna" didn't disappoint us at all: it's an amazing track, with the power and intensity both in vocals and instrumentals which we are used to get on her music.

Finland | Krista Siegfrids - "Better on my own"


Finnish pop star Krista Siegfrids is proving with every new song that is she's ready to enter the list of pop divas from the cold country. Her latest single, "Better on my own", brings a fresh breeze of pop sounds into our ears!

Poland | Antek Smykiewicz - "Pomimo burz"


Antek Smykiewicz is a Polish singer from Warsaw. He has just released a beautiful ballad named "Pomimo burz". His great voice is the perfect lead for this nice melody. It builds a great mood, and it's impossible to listen without falling in love!

Germany | DieLochis - "Ab geht's"


Formed in 2011 by twin brothers Heiko and Roman Lochmann, DieLochis is a comedy duo which also performs amazing music. Such as the one we're featuring today: "Ab geht's" is a fantastic pop song, ideal for having some party time. You won't be able to get the whistling out of your head!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Austria | Lucky Strikes Back - "Tanz mit mir"


Lucky Strikes Back, or simply LSB, is an Austrian group from Salzburg. We are in love with their new single, entitled "Tanz mit mir". It is a very captivating smooth indie pop, with a very effective chorus. The vocals fit the song's proposal perfectly. It's totally contagious, and we couldn't avoid dancing with them! It's our song of the week.

United Kingdom | Young Kato - "Runaway"


Young Kato conquered the editors of Sounds European! last year with the infectious "Sunshine", which eventually made it to become the #1 song of 2014. They have just now released another spectacular single: "Runaway" retains their distinctive intensity and power, but now more leant to British rock. It couldn't be better!

Russia | Sergey Lazarev - "7 wonders"


We finally remeet Russian star Sergey Lazarev. This time, he will take us to travel around the eight (yes, they are eight) wonders of the modern world with his single "7 wonders". It's an amazing and totally captivating electropop. It's such an excellent song, we even ignore the Eiffel Tower isn't one of the wonders!

Sweden | Loreen - "I'm in it with you"


Swedish singer Loreen was last featured on Sounds European! with the amazing "We got the power". It's time to check up her latest release: "I'm in it with you" retains the mysterious atmosphere she is a master in creating, and blends it into a very charming R&B ballad. Nailing it!

Updated on October 5th, 2015, with the official video.

France | Sindy - "S'envoler"


Sindy Auvity is a French singer from Royan. The young girl has firstly appeared to the audience during the fifth season of Popstars in France, and later as part of the group Team BS. Now, she is starting her solo career, with an album entitled "Selfie". From it, we listen to "S'envoler", a very good pop track which displays all her talent.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Russia | Julia Beretta - "Zhalyuzi"


Russian singer Julia Beretta was featured several times on our site, and she has always been showing us a different side of her talent. Now, it's not an exception: in "Zhalyuzi", she delivers a strong, intense and darker side of pop mixed with synth sounds.

Italy | Raf - "Eclissi totale"


Raf is the stage name of Raffaele Riefoli, Italian singer from Margherita di Savoia. Internationally, he is also famous for having represented Italy on Eurovision in 1987, with the outstanding "Gente di mare". He has just released "Eclissi totale", which is a very involving pop track with a very effective chorus.

Denmark | New Politics - "West End kids"


Formed in 2009 in Copenhagen, New Politics are one of the most refreshing rock bands in Denmark. They mingle pop and rock in a way that's rarely seen in the country, and this has earned them tours in the United Kingdom and the United States (where some of their previous songs have even charted). Their latest single is "West End kids", a very catchy and uplifting song!

Poland | Video - "Ktos nowy"


Video is a Polish band which was formed in Łódź in 2007. Their new single, entitled "Ktos nowy", is a must-listen! The melody is catchy, the instrumentals fit perfectly and the vocals are a great wrap for it all. It's an addictive track which we surely recommend!

Belarus | Alen Hit - "My heart is broken"


Alen Hit is a Belarusian singer born in Minsk in 1993. His latest single has a characteristic rarely found in the region: it's a ballad sung in English. The song is the sweet and mellow "My heart is broken", a soft and soulful lovesong.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Slovenia | Muff - "Aha"


The Slovene group Muff is back to Sounds European! with their new single. "Aha" is a very soothing track with a mysterious and involving mood. Senidah's voice fills it all perfectly.

United Kingdom | Leona Lewis - "Thunder"


British diva Leona Lewis was featured with "Fire under my feet" last May. Now, it's time for her new single: "Thunder" brings back the ballad diva in a song which flows with the sounds of the piano and the addition of some classic instruments.

Netherlands | The Indien - "Summer night"


Meet the Dutch band The Indien, formed by Rianne Walther, Casper Talsma, Maarten Hemmen and Janneke Nijhuijs. They qualify their genre as "soulful contemporary songs in the '60s beat tradition of Shocking Blue and Jefferson Airplane". And, indeed, it is as unique as that: their single "Summer night" is as deep and intense as the description promises.

Germany | The Secnd - "No crime"


The Secnd are a German band hailing from Bremen. Their sound is quite unique, and very inspired in the British kind of rock. That's what they offer in their latest single: "No crime" is a mindblowing piece of pure rock!

Ukraine | Max Barskih - "Podruga-noch'"


New single by the Ukrainian pop icon Max Barskih. "Podruga-noch'" is a single with Max's signature: a great mix of pop with electronic influences and a lot of personality. The entire song is involving and addictive.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Netherlands | The Common Linnets - "We don't make the wind blow"


The Common Linnets make a grandiose return to Sounds European!. After the very nice "Give me a reason", they are back with "We don't make the wind blow", a mellow and flowing track which follows their trend of country-inspired music. Perfect song to relax before resting!

France | Brigitte - "Hier encore"


Brigitte is a French indie pop duo formed by Sylvie Hoarau and Aurélie Saada. "Hier encore" is a single coming from their third album, "A bouche que veux-tu". It's a very interesting display of cultural mix, both with instruments and melody. Such a unique and entertaining result!

Slovenia | Clemens - "Vse bo kul"


Clemens is a very young Slovene singer hailing from Ljubljana. He took part of this year's EMA, the National Final of Slovenia for Eurovision, with the song "Mava to", but sadly he didn't make it to the final round. His latest single is the enticing "Vse bo kul", a beautiful pop ballad with a very marking beat and a very interesting orchestration.

Romania | Voltaj - "Din toata inima"


After a very touching participation on this year's Eurovision Song Contest, the Romanian band Voltaj is back with a new single. "Din toata inima" is a very contagious uptempo song with a totally sticky chorus. Impossible to listen and not to find yourself dancing to it!

Updated on May 8th, 2016, with the official video.

France | LikesBerry - "Danser pour toi"


Aix-en-Provence is the hometown of Helème Lébet, the real name of LikesBerry. She has been infecting the ears of French people with her lovely summer track: "Danser pour toi" is fresh, catchy and totally inviting to dance!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Poland | Sarsa - "Indiana"


Not long ago, Sounds European! introduced the Polish singer Sarsa, with the amazing "Naucz mnie". It's already time to remeet her, and with another great single: "Indiana" shows she is always ready to offer top quality pop, with great melodies and perfect vocals!

United Kingdom | Kimberly Anne - "Bury it there"


We featured the talent of Kimberly Anne in the beginning of last year, upon the release of her single "Hard as hello". Now, here she comes again with a very cute new single! "Bury it there" is a soft song, completed with a very delicate instrumentation and a lot of charm.

Russia | Roza Mazhonts - "Ya ne veryu"


Roza Mazhonts is a Russian singer who was born in Armavir. She has recently released the emotional "Ya ne veryu", which is part of soundtrack for the movie "100 prichin". The song is beautiful, and explores Roza's voice to her best.

Finland | Haloo Helsinki! - "Pulp fiction"


Finnish band Haloo Helsinki! is back on track! After being featured with "Maailma on tehty meitä varten", they return to SE! with a very groovy single: "Pulp fiction" adds some great pop to their already fantastic rock. Imagine what a great mix it creates!

Netherlands | Rondé - "We are one"


After being introduced to the Dutch band Rondé with "Run", it's now time to listen to their new single. "We are one" shows they can reach different ranges of genre: it's a more uptempo song with some synth influences. If the style is different, the result is the same... a highly addictive track!

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Charts Day #104 (part 2)


Canadian singer Francesco Yates and German producer Robin Schulz have been featured on our site some days ago with "Sugar". And they are back, but this time because of their success: the single is charting in many countries in Europe, being a highlight in the Austrian and German charts, where they reached #2 this week!

Giveaway | Winner of Bryan Rice's "Hear me as I am"!


After a bit more than one month for subscriptions, we finally have the winner of the autographed copy of Bryan Rice's album "Hear me as I am".

Our draw prized Sagar Biswas, from Chandrapur, in India!

Congratulations! We'll soon contact you to get the needed information to ship you the CD.

Thanks everyone for participating (including Bryan, who kindly met us and autographed it)! This was a very cool moment for us to interact a bit with some of our readers. You rock!

The Charts Day #104 (part 1)


American artists charting in the United Kingdom are no surprise anymore. This week, we find two of them in a lovely duo: Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor's "Marvin Gaye" is the #1 of the British charts!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Italy | Giulia - "Turn your light on"


Giulia is an Italian singer who was born in Rome in 1989, but also has Buenos Aires and London in her multicultural background. Her music mixes country-rock and pop into a very modern sound. Her single "Turn your light on" has caught our editors' attention, and we fell in love with it: it's totally catchy and captivating!

Azerbaijan | Sevda Ələkbərzadə - "Sevir ürək"


Born in Baku in 1977, Sevda Ələkbərzadə (also known as Sevda Alekperzade) is an Azerbaijani singer. And get ready to dance to her new single: "Sevir ürək" is a groovy track which totally takes you into dancing mode while listening. Quite fun!

Greece | Boys and Noise - "Take me back"


The Greek boyband Boys and Noise is becoming a frequent name on Sounds European!. We love their work, and now we are watching their first tries in English. "Take me back" is a great midtempo ballad which displays all the boys' energy and vocal quality. It's a must-listen!

France | Emmanuel Moire - "Bienvenue"


Anything we can write about the French singer Emmanuel Moire will only be a repetition of praises (totally fair ones, by the way). His work is great, one of our favorites coming from France. And his new single, "Bienvenue" is another excellent sample of it. It is sensible and deep in a unique way.

Slovakia | Dominika Mirgova - "Tu sme boli"


Dominika Mirgova is a Slovak artist who was born in Trnava in 1991. The 23-year-old singer has released "Tu sme boli", which is a lovely song. It's a touching and involving ballad which displays her beautiful voice in a very unique way.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Germany | Johannes Oerding - "Wenn du lebst"


Every new release of Johannes Oerding is just pleasure for our ears. The latest single of this super talented German singer is "Wenn du lebst", a soft and relaxing pop ballad with an exquisite orchestration filled with classical instruments. No wonder that this song would become our song of the week!

Bulgaria | Zhana Bergendorff - "Nevazmozhni sme sami"


The Bulgarian singer Zhana Bergendorff's "Samuray" was part of our list of the top 50 songs of 2014. So as soon as we saw she had released a new single, expectations rose up. And they were fully met with "Nevazmozhni sme sami": another masterpiece. Pop perfection wrapped with a unique voice!

Netherlands | Anouk - "New day"


Masterpiece track coming from the Netherlands! We remeet Anouk, who is now working her single "New day". And what a song it is: it's (as usual with her) extremely well sung, with a very catchy melody and a perfect chorus. More enthralling than this, impossible!

Sweden | Elliphant - "Love me badder"


There's no groovier music coming from Sweden than Elliphant's. "Love me badder" is another example of this: the very well-marked melody is a perfect company to her unique voice. The chorus is as effective and addictive as one can be!

Croatia | Luce - "Nakon dana tog"


Last year, Sounds European! fell in love with the potency and beauty of Luce's voice on "Možda mi". Now, with the release of "Nakon dana tog", we are just even more in love! This classy track explores her voice even more, taking it all to a very high level.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Bulgaria | Mihaela Marinova - "Stapka napred"


Meet Mihaela Marinova, a very young and talented singer who was born in Sofia. The 17-year-old girl is one more singer to arise from the The X Factor in Bulgaria: she was a finalist of the third season of the reality show. She has now released "Stapka napred", and what a song it is! An intense electropop with intense and strong melody throughout all the track.

Norway | Innertier feat. Thomas Gregersen - "Du er ung"


Norwegian meeting of artists to create a summer hit. Innertier and Thomas Gregersen released "Du er ung", which has all the elements to be successful in the season: it has the right instruments, in the perfect melody, with a fresh voice and captivating melody. Just great!

Austria | Allessa - "Du bist die liebe"


We now continue on the trail of schlager divas, landing in Austria. Sounds European! remeets Allessa, who has now released "Du bist die liebe". It's a beautiful ballad, involved by that kind of instrumental and vocals we are used to get from her. Very cool!

Switzerland | Beatrice Egli - "Ohne worte"


It's time to remeet the Swiss diva of schlager! Beatrice Egli has just released a new single, named "Ohne worte". And, as usual, we love it: it's a totally contagious and catchy song, with a very accessible and captivating chorus.

Netherlands | O'G3NE - "Wings to fly"


And we return to the Netherlands, to remeet the girlband O'G3NE. Their new single, named "Wings to fly" is a perfect example of what people expect from girlbands. Solid easy-listening pop with catchy melody and chorus.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Denmark | Lukas Graham - "Strip no more"


Lukas Graham are a Danish band currently formed by Lukas Graham Forchhammer, Mark Falgren, Magnus Larsson and Kasper Daugaard. Their new single "Strip no more" is charting very well in Denmark, and it's totally deserved. It's a groovy and catchy song which has everything to please the listeners.

Netherlands | Kensington - "Riddles"


Dutch band Kensington keep enchanting us with their soulful sounds. Their latest single is the powerful "Riddles", a very captivating rock track as the band has us used to.

Italy | Davide Mogavero - "C’è ancora tempo"


Davide Mogavero was born in Catanzaro in 1993. He was the runner up on the Italian version of The X Factor in 2010, and has since then pursued his music career. His latest single is "C'è ancora tempo", a contemporary blending of romantic Italian ballads and soft synth pop.

Germany | Phela - "Wieder alleine"


Phela is a German singer from Berlin. Her latest single show that German language can also be very suitable for relaxing, soothing and calm music: "Wieder alleine" is a lovely song with a very intense atmosphere.

Denmark | Freja - "Young heart"


Danish singer Freja Loeb (who released infectious singles such as "Never stop coming back") revamped her image and is now working under the moniker Freja. Ready to conquer the local pop scene, she released "Young heart", a single which has a quite interesting chorus and a very catchy instrumentation.

Updated on December 12th, 2015, with the official video.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Slovenia | Alice Blue - "Mending fences"


Slovene band Alice Blue keep confirming, with every single, their status as one of the biggest new names of the local music scene. After being featured with their single "Hot air", they return with the amazing "Mending fences", a dark and intense song filled with the power of their music.

Denmark | Turboweekend feat. Oh Land - "Slow"


Two of the greatest names within the Danish music scene gathered together in a massive new single. Turboweekend and Oh Land released "Slow", a very happy and cheerful melody with a great chorus. The chemestry between the two artists makes the song even better!

Portugal | Carolina Deslandes - "Carousel"


Carolina Deslandes is a Portuguese singer and songwriter born in Lisboa in 1991. She finished third on the fourth season of the Portuguese version of Idols in 2010. Not long ago, she released a fantastic new single: "Carousel" is a very cool pop song, with a strong chorus and a very catchy melody.

Turkey | Mustafa Ceceli - "İlle de aşk"


It is impossible to resist Turkish pop, and this is exactly what Mustafa Ceceli brings us. His latest single, "İlle de aşk", is a captivating and very uplifting mixture of pop and ethnic sounds.

Switzerland | Luca Hänni - "Set the world on fire"


Luca Hänni is a Swiss singer, songwriter and model who was born in Bern in 1994. Back in 2012, he won the German version of Idols, Deutschland sucht den Superstar, and since then he has been achieving great success in all German-speaking countries. His latest single is "Set the world on fire", a massive pop corker with a delicious melody and a great display of Luca's talent.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Spain | Kiko & Shara - "Perro que ladra no muerde"


Kiko & Shara are a duo from Cádiz, Spain. They mix latin pop-rock with Spanish sounds, and specially with very characteristic Spanish voices. Like they do in their latest single: "Perro que ladra no muerde" is an intense and catchy pop-rock which displays their wonderful talent!

Serbia | Nikola Rokvić - "Zaboravljam te"


Nikola Rokvić hails from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. He mixes traditional Serbian music with modern pop, becoming one of the most unique artists in his home country. His latest single is the exquisite "Zaboravljam te", a song with so many amazing elements that will captivate your ear from the first listen!

Finland | Ellinoora - "Minä elän"


Ellinoora is becoming one of the leading female singers in the Finnish music scene. Each single of hers is better than the previous one, and with "Minä elän" there is no exception: an exquisitly sweet single which shows the power and talent of her voice.

Czech Republic | Mirai - "Souznění"


After being the song of the week with "Dítě robotí", Czech band Mirai prove us they are here to stay. Their new single is called "Souznění", and it is a very contagious rock.

Austria | Conchita Wurst - "Firestorm"


What happens when Austrian diva Conchita Wurst goes from amazing ballads to dance music? Even more amazingness. "Firestorm" is one of her latest singles (it was released the same day as "Colours of your love"), and it is an intense switch from her other releases, with a fantastic electronic beat and a very catchy chorus.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Charts Day #103 (part 2)


Greek singer Dionisis Sxoinas is doing very well in the charts of his home country. His addictive single "To kalokairi" is this week's #2!

The Charts Day #103 (part 1)


Anna Naklab, Alle Farben and Younotus made it to our site with "Supergirl" last week. This time, we feature them again because of their high success in the German-speaking countries: they are #13 in Switzerland, #5 in Germany and #2 in Austria!

Sunday, August 09, 2015

France | Chimène Badi - "Elle vit"


Born in 1982 in Melun, Chimène Badi is a French singer who has been quite successful in her home country. Judging by her latest single, we can see why she had all her albums charting in the top positions of the French chart: "Elle vit" is an enticing and classy French pop song, magistrally completed with an exquisite instrumentation.

Russia | Timur Rodriguez - "Stop"


Once again, we meet the Russian chameleon Timur Rodriguez. Every time Sounds European! presents a song of his, a different genre is being approached. Once again, he offers us something new: "Stop" is an uptempo pop with spices of rock and R&B in different parts of the track. The result is very good!

United Kingdom | Lucie Silvas - "Letters to ghosts"


Lucie Silvas is a British singer and songwriter born in 1977 in Kingston upon Thames. After a long period of nine years without releasing an album, Lucie finally broke the silence this year with the release of "Letters to ghosts". The first single coming out of the album is the homonymous song, a soft and entertaining country pop.

Spain | Alejandro Sanz feat. Alejandro Fernandez - "A que no me dejas"


It's the Alejandro meeting! Two superstars are together for a beautiful song with Latin flavor: Alejandro Sanz, from Spain, and Alejandro Fernandez, from Mexico. It is a touching track with simple and subtle melody, but extremely effective.

Finland | Niila - "Sorry"


Born in Helsinki, Finland, Niila Arajuuri was first faced with a big audience being an opening act of Sunrise Avenue. Since then, his fame rocketed, and he is currently developing his music career in both Finland and Germany. His first single is "Sorry", a very intense and deep indie song with some beats of R&B to mark the potence of its lyrics.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Georgia | Tamta - "Unloved"


Georgian-born Greek singer Tamta is becoming a frequent name here on Sounds European!. This time, her new hit single is entitled "Unloved". It was said this song was planned to take part of the Greek National Final for Eurovision. If so, it would have likely worked very well: the song is amazing! It's our song of the week.

Lithuania | GJan - "One more drink"


Lithuanian singer GJan was already featured on our site thanks to her mindblowing "Nobody around". It's high time to check up on her latest single: "One more drink" retains the intensity she usually portrays in her songs, with a very mellow melody and an exploding chorus!

Greece | Panos Kiamos - "Apo asteri se asteri"


Little by little, Panos Kiamos is becoming one of our favorite artists from Greece. His music has all the traditional elements to Greek pop, but he is able to add qualities and sounds which are not present in any other local singer's work. After being on our top 50 songs of 2014, he is back with "Apo asteri se asteri", another masterpiece single!

Netherlands | Sharon Doorson - "Something beautiful"


Sharon Doorson is a Dutch singer born in Utretch in 1987. She developed her career since she was a child, but it was in The Voice of Holland, in 2012, where she found fame. Her latest single is called "Something beautiful", a song in between electronica and pop with a deliciously catchy chorus!

Sweden | Andreas Weise - "More"


Andreas Georg Fredrik Weise is a Swedish singer who was born in Lidingö in 1986. After his very cool performance on this year's Melodifestivalen, with "Bring out the fire", he is back with another great single. "More" is pop as only Swedish know how to do. His voice goes greatly in the mix with instrumentals and a very catchy melody.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Ukraine | Anna Sedokova - "Poka, milyy!"


Time to remeet Anna Sedokova! The lovely Ukrainian singer is back with a very cool and sensual new song: "Poka, milyy!" is a soft pop with a mellow electronic beat. Perfect to start dancing around!

Portugal | Diogo Piçarra - "Verdadeiro"


From Faro, South of Portugal, we meet the very talented singer Diogo Piçarra. His new single shows all his quality: "Verdadeiro" is a grandiose song, those which easily convinces you right at the beginning. Great track from Portuguese lands!

Poland | Anna Wyszkoni - "Dzieki za dzwieki"


Born in Tworków, Poland, in 1980, Anna Wyszkoni was the lead vocalist of the band Łzy until she pursued her solo career. She has just released "Dzieki za dzwieki", an enticing and very interesting indie pop song that will have you on tenterhooks from start to end!

United Kingdom | Ella Eyre - "Good times"


It's a certainty: whenever Ella Eyre releases a new song, it becomes a new favorite with our editors. With "Good times", it happened again. The mix of electronic, pop, violins and Ella's outstanding voice is just irresistible!

Denmark | The Mountains - "There is always hope"


Danish band The Mountains make a grandious return to Sounds European!. "There is always hope" is a very groovy pop song with fantastic synth beats and a very catchy set of lyrics.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Croatia | Pamela Ramljak - "Ispod kože"


Pamela Ramljak is a Croatian singer from Zagreb. She is also known for having been part of the girlband Feminnem. Her single "Ispod kože" is a fine sample of one of the specialties in pop music from the Balkans: great use of the accordion in the melody. It's so contagious!

Moldova | Parfeny - "Chisinau - Verona"


Moldovan singer Pasha Parfeny joins the wave of amazing summer songs being released this year. The single "Chisinau - Verona" flows with the rhythm of his guitar and the mellow sounds of his voice. We bet you won't be able to hold your head from bobbing from left to right!

Updated on October 2nd, 2016, with the new name of the artist.

Germany | Anna Naklab feat. Alle Farben and Younotus - "Supergirl"


Anna Naklab is a very young talent coming from Germany. She has gathered with the German DJs Alle Farben and Younotus to record "Supergirl". And what a result! Such a beautiful and soothing version for Reamonn's song.

Italy | Nesli - "Quello che non si vede"


Italian rock can be pretty irresistible. When you add some synth sounds to the mix, the result is simply unbeatable. That's what happens with Nesli's latest release: "Quello che non si vede" is a powerful blending!

Norway | Sandra Lyng - "Play my drum"


Summer hits are taking over European radios. Norway is having another one with Sandra Lyng, from the city of Mosjøen. "Play my drum" has a very easy-listening melody which grows into a highly catchy saxophone-based chorus. Addictive!

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Ukraine | neAngely - "Serdtse"


neAngely are a quite popular Ukrainian duet formed by Oksana Kuznyetsova and Tatiana Smeyukha. Their latest single is very faithful to their usual music: "Serdtse" is an intense and beautifully sung pop track, with an exquisite instrumentation and all the power of Ukrainian pop.

Updated on September 27th, 2015, with the official video.

Spain | Amelie - "Kill me (and make it quick)"


Amelie is a Spanish band from Barcelona, formed by Alex, Carles, Marcel, Albert and Edgar. Their single "Kill me (and make it quick)" is a very good pop-rock. Their energy flows through the song, involving our ears and hearts with it. So delightful!

France | Maude - "Jamais"


Time to check what's new from French singer Maude. Her latest single is a very powerful pop track: "Jamais" has a great beat, a catchy chorus and a fantastic melody!

Sweden | Tove Styrke - "...Baby one more time"


One of the biggest hits of pop music in the '90s has just gotten a new version. And with it, it finally meets a voice from the same country of the composers: "...Baby one more time", originally performed by Britney Spears, and composed by the Swedish geniuses Max Martin and Rami Yacoub, goes into rerun with Tove Styrke. It's a darker version which keeps the beauty of the song, but totally changing the ambience.

Czech Republic | Thom Artway - "I have no inspiration"


Tomáš Maček is Thom Artway, Czech singer and musician who was born in the small town of Vlachovice in 1993. His music mingles folk and pop like very few artist do in his home country, and in an exquisite way. "I have no inspiration", his latest single, will get to you at once!

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Ireland | The Strypes - "A good night's sleep and a cab fare home"


Oh, Irish rock! Always present, always great! We now remeet the band The Strypes, from Cavan, and their new long-titled single "A good night's sleep and a cab fare home". It's a great rock track, with amazing instrumentals and a good use of vocals in it. The chorus is very marking.

Turkey | Nilüfer - "Nokta"


Nilüfer is a Turkish singer born in 1955 in Istanbul. She is a very popular figure in her home country, having represented Turkey at Eurovision in 1978, achieved the title of National Ambassador for UNICEF in 1997 and also the honour of being State Artist in 1998. Her latest single is "Nokta", a deliciously ethnic song with that very characteristic Turkish voice that melts everyone!

Ukraine | Yaroslava - "Za polchasa do rassveta"


The Ukrainian singer Yaroslava is once again back to the pages of Sounds European!. She has just released a great unplugged live show (whose full version was published by Ello, and we totally recommend). From it, we have "Za polchasa do rassveta", another sample of all her quality.

Moldova | Arina Rits - "Serdtse"


Arina Ritz was born in Bălți, Moldova, but spent most of her life in Moscow, Russia. Her latest single is "Serdtse", a very interesting turn to typical Russian ballads: a captivating blending of instruments and a wonderful display of voice that cannot be missed!

United Kingdom | Lemar - "The letter"


Lemar is a British singer from London. "The letter" is the first single and title track of his new album. It's such a delightful song! A delicious soul and R&B track, perfectly completed by Lemar's very talented voice. Classy track!

Monday, August 03, 2015

The Charts Day #102 (part 2)


Some weeks ago, we talked about the success of Portuguese group D.A.M.A. Well, our words brought them luck for their newest single: "Não dá" is this week's #6 in their home country!

The Charts Day #102 (part 1)


Canadian artist The Weeknd has been featured in Ariana Grande's hit "Love me harder", achieving fame all over the world. Proof of that is the success of his latest single, "Can't feel my face": the song is charting everywhere in Europe, being its peak the #4 achieved in Denmark.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Sweden | Awa - "Obvious"


Awa Santesson-Sey was born in 1997 in Stockholm. She became the winner of the fifth version of The X Factor, back in 2012. Her latest single shows why she managed to get the title: "Obvious" is an electronic pop which oozes with Awa's talent!

Norway | Christina Skaar - "Critical"


Mark this name: Christina Skaar is a Norwegian singer who was born in Oslo in 1989. "Critical" is her first single as a solo artist, and if this is the level she is proposing, we are surely watching the rise of a new star. The song is excellent, and we hope to listen to more of hers quite soon!

France | Calogero - "J'ai le droit aussi"


After being featured with "Le portrait" and last week in the dazzling duet with Cats on Trees, French singer Calogero comes back to our site with a fantastic new single. The song is "J'ai le droit aussi" and is a very intense mixture of indie and rock music, portraying a very powerful chorus.

Netherlands | B-Brave - "Verleiden"


"Verleiden", by the Dutch boyband B-Brave, is one of those songs which doesn't take many seconds to convince you. It's a great single, from beginning to the end. It has no ups and downs: everything is "up" on it. Totally involving and addictive!

Russia | Anastasia Karpova - "Leti"


Russian singer Anastasia Karpova makes it back to our site with a very cool pop track. Her latest single is "Leti", a very nice mix of pop and electronic beats with a marking chorus.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

United Kingdom | Andreya Triana - "That's alright with me"


We are proud to present the British singer Andreya Triana, from London. Her single "That's alright with me" was a breath of freshness to our ears. Her very talented voice leads one of the sweetest melodies of the year, resulting in a classy and lovely song. It's totally worth the listen! It's our song of the week.

Italy | Levante - "Le lacrime non macchiano"


Levante, stage name of Claudia Lagona, is an Italian singer and songwriter born in Caltagirone in 1987. This year, she released her third album, and here comes a fantastic single to emerge from it: "Le lacrime non macchiano" has the intensity of Italian songs blended with synth pop-rock elements and a very particular voice. It's an explosive combo!

Ukraine | Vera Brezhneva - "Mamochka"


We love when the Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhneva has a new single: her songs are always certainty of greatness! "Mamochka" is another example of that. It's pop with that unique Ukrainian spice which we love to listen, wrapped with Vera's unique and very talented voice. The fun video clip is just another bonus for it!

Belgium | Kate Ryan - "Runaway (Smalltown boy)"


Born in Tessenderlo, Belgium, in 1980, Kate Ryan became one of the biggest names of the dance scene in her home country, being a success with her covers of past hits such as "Ella elle l'a" or "Voyage voyage". She even got to represent Belgium at Eurovision 2006, being an early favourite to win the contest with "Je t'adore", but she sadly didn't make it to the finals. Her latest single is also a cover: she turned Bronski Beat's "Smalltown boy" into "Runaway (Smalltown boy)", a very relaxed and soothing chillhouse.